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According to the organizer of these rallies, they have now spread to up to 100 cities and have a combined attendee base of around 20,000. What is also interesting, is that the mainstream media in Germany is calling them Nazis. In Germany, if you don’t support Central Banking, this apparently means you are a Nazi. What a joke. Just more proof mainstream media everywhere is complete and total propaganda. It is also a good sign, since it shows the desperate lengths to which the power structure will go to keep their criminal ponzi alive.

Do these folks seem like Nazis to you?

Tesco Super Market Giant Fast Disappearing Down a Financial Black Hole


photo thepressnet.com

By: Nadeem_Walayat

Tesco, Britain’s giant supermarket chain continues in its death spiral trend towards eventually becoming a mere fraction of its former size as barely a few weeks after its latest profit warning of a 25% collapse, today we find out that its financial controllers (bankers) and accountants can’t control or count anything as the management wakes up to find that £250 million of expected profits no longer exists the news of which wiped out £2 billion in market capitalisation as panicked stock holders belatedly start to jump ship as the mega-corp is literally disappearing down a financial black hole.

The Tesco board reacted to the vanishing £250million by suspending Tesco’s top management, so now one of Britain’s biggest companies does not have any one running it at the top, primed to collapse further into a black hole as we wait to see what next big financial accounting scam is taking place at Tesco.

I’ll tell you what I think really happened, the same thing that happened with the banks, top management in a state of denial that their company is in free fall to the extent that they would make up profits gambling that the company can be turned around before the SHTF.

Tesco stock Investors in a state of denial if not shock who have clung on in hopes for a recovery have now been dealt a further cold hard dose of reality as what was revealed today is a company that is managed by so called finance experts that can’t even count!

The Tesco stock price continues its death spiral towards becoming a penny stock that currently stands at £2.03, down near 50% from when I first warned of the dangers of holding Tesco stock in October last year when the Tesco stock price was just 3% shy of its 2013 peak of £3.86, warning that the Tesco management had become focused on club card gimmicks whilst ignoring what customers really wanted which was GOOD customer service and VALUE FOR MONEY, and similarly have warned several times since that the Stock was literally in a death spiral. Those who have not heeded my calls to date to exit this doomed suicidal stock need to realise that it is still a long way down to ZERO! Or more probably to a level with sparks a hostile takeover.

31 Aug 2014 – Tesco Supermarket Death Spiral Latest Profits Warning and Dividend Slashed

Tesco stock Investors in a state of denial if not shock who clung on in hopes for a recovery have now been dealt a cold hard reality as they see their dividend slashed by 75% to just 1.1p a share, so that Tesco can bolster its balance sheet by an extra £1 billion per annum that too ultimately will vanish down the expanding black hole that seeks to consume the super market giant.

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Why Institutions Are So Desperate For The Retail Investor To Come Back

As the S&P 500 levitates ever higher on the back of what even JPM and Citigroup now both admit is nothing but a global central-bank reflated bubble which, hardly a spoiler alert here, will burst sooner or later leaving those who are holding the bag with unprecedented losses, one thing is clear: the retail investor is not coming back. Whether it is a complete lack of trust in a market that has been revealed to be more rigged than any casino, or because every risk asset is artificially propped up by a few Princeton economists, or simply because the “retail” investor does not have the disposable income to come back, is irrelevant: retail is done.

There is, however, a problem.

As the exuberant talking-heads proclaim, day after day, that “this is the moment of clarity for retail to come storming back off the sidelines”, the question arises who exactly would retail be buying from?

The answer: the same institutions whose proximity to the Fed has allowed them to lever up at near zero cost of debt rates, and who have bid up risk to unprecedented levels, pushing the S&P over 2000 in recent weeks. Of course, those are all paper gains, as institutions know all too well. Which is why the time to monetize paper profits is now, and why with every day that retail refuses to come back and buy what institutions are increasingly desperate to sell, is one day more in which the day of “paper profits into very real losses” reckoning approaches.

This epic divergence between institutions and retail is shown in the JPM chart below.


Needless to say, it won’t take much is for the rickety game theory equilibrium in which not one institution has dared to sell, over fears what would happen if every other institutions rushes in, finally breaks.

It is also why every media outlet, newspaper, ant TV channel has a simple message for you, dear retail investor: please come back already, and buy, buy, buy… what every bank, prop desk, hedge fund, mutual fund, pension fund, and central bank, is so desperate to sell.

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This Drivable Car Was Just 3D Printed In 44 Hours

historic climate march, arrests and outrage at Flood Wall Street

Xeni Jardin at 1:34 pm Mon, Sep 22, 2014


NYPD officers arrest a Flood Wall Street participant in Lower Manhattan, Sep. 22, 2014. Hundreds marched through the financial district to call attention to capitalism’s contribution to climate change, snarling traffic and risking arrest as they sought to block Wall Street. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Today, hundreds gathered in New York City’s financial district to protest climate change. Flood Wall Street demonstrators wore blue as a symbol of climate change-induced flooding, and marched in the financial district to “highlight the role of Wall Street in fueling the climate crisis,” organizers said.


Today’s march follows Sunday’s international day of action that drew more than 300,000 demonstrators to NYC streets in the largest single protest ever held over climate change.

NYPD won’t release official arrest numbers yet, but Twitter coverage indicates arrests are under way, as some participants engage in planned peaceful civil disobedience.


From the Guardian:

The demonstration comes a day ahead of the United Nations climate summit and follows Sunday’s People’s Climate March – which saw what organizers estimated was 310,000 people marching in New York City, and tens of thousands of others in 150 countries across the world, demonstrating in an effort to put pressure on world leaders to act now to slow the damaging effects of climate change.



What a car!

Keiser report 653

September Wealthbuilder Stock Market Brief

By  Christopher M. Quigley B.Sc. (MAJ. Accounting). M.I.I. (Grad.), M.A.


Europe Holds Its Breath.

This Thursday the 18th September Scotland goes to the polls to decide whether it wants to stay in
a Union with the rest of Great Britian or go down the road of independence. At the moment the
election is too close to call with sentiment equally divided between either camp. If the Scottish
people do opt for going it alone it will send shock waves through-out Europe. Such a result,
many believe, will feed the secession fevour spreading across Euroland and lead to continued
Euro weakness.

Recently Gorge Soros penned an Op-Ed piece in the FT, (Financial Times September 10th 2014),
voicing his horror at was occurring. In the main he outlined that the break-up of the British
Union could lead to the destabilization of the European Union as a whole just when it needs to be
to be strong and united to deal with Russian aggression:

“This is the worst possible time for Britain to consider leaving the EU – or for Scotland to
break with Britain.

The EU is an unfinished project of European states that have sacrificed part of their sovereignty
to form an ever-closer union based on shared values and ideals. Those shared values are under
attack on multiple fronts. Russia’s undeclared war against Ukraine is perhaps the most
immediate example but it is by no means the only one. Resurgent nationalism and illiberal
democracy are on the rise within Europe, at its borders and around the globe.

Since world war two the European powers, along with the US, have been the main supporters
of the prevailing international order. Yet, in recent years, overwhelmed by the euro crisis,
Europe has turned inward, diminishing its ability to play a forceful role in international

As a major power and global financial centre, Britain ought to be centrally involved in crafting a
European response to this threat. But like the US and the EU itself, Britain has also been
distracted by internal matters. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has been persuaded
by anti-European zeal – not least within his own party – to put UK membership in the EU to a
vote in 2017. A poll on Scottish independence is only days away. Just when Britain should be
confronting grave threats to its way of life, it is preoccupied with divorce of one type or

full PDF doc September Wealthbuilder Stock Market Brief

Can Petrodollar Survive Low Interest Rates?

By Luke Gromen, author, Forest for the Trees newsletter

Where does capital really come from?

Most US policymakers believe that capital comes from debt issued by the Fed and its member banks; most other big debtor countries agree (i.e. Japan). On the other hand, policymakers of the world’s biggest creditor nations (led by China) believe that real capital is the surplus produced from production and trade (which has been mainly accumulated in US dollars and ultimately backs the US dollar as the primary reserve currency).

For the past 7-12 years the two conflicting ideas about capital have begun to have noticeable effects in certain global asset markets. The chart below, showing gold, oil, and Fed Funds rates, illustrates what has occurred. For most of the three decades from 1973-2002, these asset classes traded closely together; in the last decade, they have been diverging dramatically. We’ll explain why this happened and the critical implications it holds for the USD prices of oil and gold.


Under the “Petrodollar arrangement,” key oil exporters promised to only price oil in USD and US interest rates were then managed so that oil exporters were indifferent to whether they stored currency reserves earned from oil exports in US Treasuries or in gold (which had always settled oil prior to 1971 via a gold-backed USD and, prior to that, gold-backed sterling).

At the time, the US was the world’s largest trading nation and oil producer. The Fed consistently managed Fed Funds rates to keep oil prices steady, even when it required mid-teens interest rates and back-to-back recessions in 1980-1982. Since US Fed Funds rates were managed to preserve US creditors’ and oil exporters’ purchasing power in oil terms, the system proved acceptable to most nations.

While the Petrodollar arrangement worked well for nearly thirty years, the arrangement began to wobble beginning around 2002-04, due to a unique combination of factors:

  1. The US economy had become increasingly ‘financialized’ from 1981-2000 – the percentage of US GDP derived from sectors such as finance and real estate had risen significantly. This was driven by steadily falling interest rates from the early 1980’s onwards and financial innovations such as securitization of consumer and commercial loans. This meant that cheap credit became more important to the US economy than cheap oil. This led to both a significant increase in US aggregate indebtedness and a rise in employment levels for jobs in origination, servicing, and managing credit products in the US.
  2. full article at source: http://sprottglobal.com/thoughts/articles/can-petrodollar-survive-low-interest-rates/

Water charges, The truth about the product Irish Water want you to pay twice for

This Video was taken down : Censorship at its finest in Ireland where Google and Facebook enjoy a cosy tax arrangement with the corrupt Irish government in return for a censorship arrangement ! The truth will come out and the people of Ireland will “call to account” the Irish water management and the corrupt Irish government!
I will attempt to put this up again!

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