What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Fellow citizens of Ireland,

We find ourselves bewildered by the inability of the political élite to solve the financial quagmire they have brought upon us. Ireland is now in a financial hell hole because of  corrupt and insolvent banks that are fully state guaranteed thus the gambling  bondholders have been bailed out at the cost of forcing every man ,woman and child in the state into financial slavery!  We are not responsible for the criminal practices of these faceless “insiders” and “bondholders”.  Now we have a bloated and inefficient bureaucracy that produces no goods called the Irish civil service with reckless public sector borrowings, Banks with un-quantified off-balance-sheet debts, collapsing cash and credit circulation, insolvent businesses and an incompetent ( at best ) government executive.

We are being lied to with regard to the true nature and extent of Ireland’s financial afflictions. Many would say that it is the international financial crisis that caused the problem however, I believe, it is the failure of our corrupt political class to ethically regulate itself and effectively manage, that is the true source of the current mayhem. Effectively we are and have been governed by self-serving parasites that have successfully played a game of political musical chairs with the Irish public over the last 90 years. These parasites have had a range of names such as Fianna Fail, Labour, PD’s  and Fine Gael! Just one look at the names who have been livening off our backs since I was a child and that is 40 + years ago they are known to all of us and still have leading positions within these parasitic established corrupt political organizations !

The current Government is complicit with the banks and the developers in causing the property bubble .They have abandoned their duty to the people of Ireland and have shown their allegiance to the gangsters in the banks as they have pledged practically all of our nation’s financial resources into these toxic institutions whilst abandoning the people of Ireland to the dictates of the troika!  We the ordinary citizen’s, now face long-term unemployment; savage health service cuts, emigration, loss of our homes, increasing tax hikes such as Home Tax and water tax and not to mention new toll’s everywhere!, We are constantly witnessing displays of incompetence and non-accountability from our pampered TDs and Government minsters and lottery salaries for their insiders advisers! (Have I left anything out?)

The current Dail members are enjoying living in a parallel universe where they are just clocking up time and entitlements whilst sharing in the longest lottery winning in Irish history.  Help bring a real alternative to every home and business in Ireland. I invite all like minded people around the country to  Support only truly independent candidates and groups that have shown their commitment to the ordinary people by their actions within our communities and their opposition to the current corrupt political system.

Above all please do not vote for the self-serving parasites who have made a career out of screwing our country, by clocking up entitlements to lottery pensions and perks .We do not nee career politicians and we should not be paying salaries or pensions to traitors. Wake up Ireland and make a real change by voting for new independent candidates and new social minded groups! We need to support our communities not help drive them into the ground!

It’s up to you now and get involved in a local community action group!

So what are you doing THIS WEEKEND TO HELP MAKE THIS CHANGE ????????

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