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We are sure there is a joke in here somewhere but it is no laughing matter.
Following a request for copies of 8 documents  of correspondence between
Ireland’s (former) finance minister and the nations’ largest bank
, the Irish minstry of finance has been forced to admit that
it cannot find two out of the eight. The documents, previously
100% redacted, raises questions as to whether other documents have gone
‘missing’. As RTE
, the Department of Finance said it had carried out a widespread
search for the documents and it was not clear why the original versions
could not be located
. Those darn leprechauns… We are sure, however,
has nothing to do with the Irish banks “picking bailout numbers out of their

Documents relating to the banking crisis have gone missing at the Department of Finance.

The department has conceded that some correspondence forwarded from Bank of Ireland to the former minister for finance Brian Lenihan can no longer be located.

In 2009, the department was asked under Freedom of Information to release copies of all correspondence between the late Mr Lenihan and the chief executives of the banks during the period August 2008 to March 2009.The department released eight items.Late last year, Sinn Féin finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty requested repeat copies of these documents.He was told that two out of the eight could no longer be found.When released in 2009, both had been completely redacted.They concerned correspondence between the governor of Bank of Ireland Richard Burrows and an advisor to the Jupiter group, Noel Corcoran.Jupiter was trying to buy Bank of Ireland at the time.Mr Doherty said the fact that the department could not locate records was worrying ahead of the banking inquiry.He said it raised questions as to whether other documents may have gone missing.

In a statement to RTÉ News this evening, the Department of Finance said it had carried out a widespread search for the documents and it was not clear why the original versions could not be located.It said that it had undertaken a project which would ensure the completeness and integrity of its records from the time of the bank guarantee.It said that it was not aware of any documents relating to the bank guarantee which may have gone missing.Mr Doherty said: “These letters existed in 2009.  They were released but the content was fully redacted to a journalist under the Freedom of Information legislation.”However I have now been informed that these letters have gone missing …………..

full article at source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-01-10/irish-finance-ministry-reveals-it-has-lost-banking-crisis-files


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

All I can say is in this photo!


The Department of Finance is still run by the same incompetent civil servants (at best) that served under the Gombeen Lenihan, they have a vested interest to make sure their political masters are kept safe! These crooks must not be allowed to get away with this treachery! Naturally there is a cover-up and we the citizens will be hoodwinked and bamboozled into accepting hogwash and lame excuses. There may even be the promise of an investigation but nobody will be found to have done anything wrong! Democracy in Ireland is dead we are now living in a dictatorship of the Bankers and the gangsters who support them through the Irish civil service! The time has come to call these “faceless corrupt servants” of the people to account!

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