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Sir Roger Casement’s Speech Following his Conviction as a Traitor, 29 June 1916

( Part of speech)

“let me say that I am prouder to stand here  today in the traitor’s dock to answer this impeachment than to fill the place of my accusers.  If there be no right of rebellion against a  state of things that no savage tribe would endure without resistance, then     am I sure that it is better for men to fight and die without right than to live in such a state of right as this .

Where all your rights become only an accumulated wrong; where men must beg with bated breath for eave to subsist in their own land, to think their own thoughts, to sing their own songs, to garner the fruit of their own labours – and even while they beg to see these things inexorably withdrawn from them – then surely it is a braver, a saner, and a truer thing to be a rebel in act and deed against such circumstances as this than tamely to accept it as the natural lot of men”.


Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Casement’s words could easily be describing the Ireland of to-day ,where lip services is all the  ordinary man can expect from our courts and the Law in only applicable to you if you are poor ,unemployed or one of the minority! We have been sold into debt slavery and we are constantly been brainwashed into thinking we must pay back the massive private debts of the criminial bankers! To this end we are been forced to pay ever more taxes for fewer services and our communities are been destroyed. These are crimes against the soul of Ireland and its future! This is just as much a reason to call for a revolt against the puppets in the Dial. What would casement say? I bet he would be in open revolt all over again!

Where is the fighting spirit of Ireland?  Where are the free men and woman who will stand up and denounce the traitors and collaborators who will carry out the dictates of the troika? These puppets that will force the people of Ireland to pay a tax on poisoned water, the “chemical soup” that is now flowing out of our taps! Is it any wonder Ireland has the second highest rate of cancer in the world !

Enough is enough time to stand up and say NO! We will not pay !

Campbells Bar, Murrisk, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.

How The German Minimum Wage And Investment Could Help The Eurozone


The new German government has now started work in earnest following its formation just before Christmas. As ministers get to work on their projects the big question is whether there will be significant policy changes and what impact such changes would have on Germany and the still unresolved Eurozone crisis. The short answer is that there will be positive change but much more should be done.

The sobering part is that in terms of redesign of the Eurozone quick progress is as unlikely as it was last year. The coalition treaty only makes brief and unambitious references to the malaise of the European Union, which means that we are stuck with imperfect solutions for the foreseeable future. Shared debt liability is explicitly ruled out and there is also no fundamental shift away from the austerity policies that have created so much damage in many European countries.

The ECB’s OMT, currently under investigation by the German constitutional court, has provided some crisis relief but the time bought has not been used to push forward necessary institutional reforms. What is proclaimed as a banking union will include a common supervisor for big banks but no joint bank resolution fund or a joint deposit insurance scheme. Therefore the fundamental objective – breaking the vicious link between financial sector vulnerability and the solvency of governments – will not be achieved…………………….

full article at source: http://www.social-europe.eu/2014/01/german-minimum-wage/

Stormy Monday(Live at Blues Alley)-Eva Cassidy

Sellafield nuclear site has elevated levels of radioactivity

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The Sellafield nuclear site is being operated with a reduced number of staff following the detection overnight of elevated levels of radioactivity.

Non-essential staff are being told not to come to work, although a spokesperson for the site said this was a precautionary measure. He said it was unclear how long the plant would operate with reduced staffing and added that the radiation levels were too low to be a danger to staff or the public.

The operator, Sellafield Ltd, said in a statement: “As a result of a conservative and prudent decision, the Sellafield site is operating normally but with reduced manning levels today. This follows the detection of elevated levels of radioactivity at one of the on-site radiation monitors at the north end of the site. Essential workers only are being asked to report for work.

“Levels of radioactivity detected are above naturally occurring radiation but well below that which would call for any actions to be taken by the workforce on or off the site. The site is at normal status and employees and operational plants are continuing to operate as investigations continue. All our facilities have positively confirmed there are no abnormal conditions and are operating normally.”

A spokeswoman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) confirmed the elevated radioactivity but said they were “well below levels of concern”. The plant was still operating and not offline, she said, but all non-essential staff had been asked to leave the site……..

full article at source:http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/jan/31/sellafield-nuclear-site-elevated-levels-radioactivity

related: see also http://nuclear-news.net/2013/03/20/


Don’t drink another drop of water until you see this!!

Keiser Report: MaxCoin (E555)

Bailout troika ‘in breach’ of EU human rights laws

By Valentina Pop

Berlin – Austerity programmes agreed with the troika of international lenders (the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) are in breach of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, according to a German legal expert.

Andreas Fischer-Lescano, a professor of European law and politics at the University of Bremen was tasked by the European Trade Union Confederation to look at the legality of so-called memorandums of understanding (MoU) signed between bailed-out countries and their lenders.

He concluded that under the EU charter of fundamental rights, a legal text which became binding for member states in 2009, several austerity measures enshrined in the MoUs can be fought in courts.

“There are certain limits to what you can write in a memorandum of understanding. In a bank contract too, there are limits to what can be written, courts and laws are always limiting that. In international agreements it should be the same, the troika MoU is not beyond the law either,” Lescano told this website.

full article at source: http://euobserver.com/social/122899

Internet Apocalypse?

Sent into us to-day by Liam O’Mahony

I’ve just signed this important petition at Avaaz.org to save the Internet as we know it.


The US and the EU are on the verge of giving rich corporations the right to control what we all see online — but we can stop it if we build the largest call for a democratic and free Internet ever. Join me in this campaign here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/internet_apocalypse_pa_eu/?email

“Coughed Up The Red Shirt & Flagged Down The Train”

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