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Excerpt: “The Struggle for Money” by H. M. Murray 1957. The 4 Step Social Credit Solution to the World’s Financial Crisis:
1. Set up a National Credit Account. At present we have only a National Debt Account; the banks having usurped all our National Credit—to create our National Debt which “they” own.
2. Institute a National Dividend;
3. Finance New Production by drafts on the National Credit Account, not out of Savings; and
4. Allow a Just Price Discount on all personal purchases, out of income, for final use or consumption—to adjust book prices to actual incomes. (This counters inflation and guides and motivates society as a whole to increase or decrease production).
Reference: http://www.scribd.com/doc/171650693/Struggle-for-Money-by-H-M-Murray-Final-Edit

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