What is truth?

By: Christopher_Quigley

The issue of  successful stock market investment affects us all. Even if we are not directly  engaged in the industry, all of us will need some form of pension to fund our retirement.  Whether we like it or not most of our retirement funds will find their way into  the financial markets. For this very reason, the issue of pensions has moved  politically centre stage, in particular the investment strategies used to  direct pension funds. Due to mismanagement, mainly over the last decade, many  retirement portfolios have become under-funded at best, or, at worst, totally  bust.

This situation is a direct result of the managed funds having been  speculated rather than invested. Many cynics will say that the whole investment  environment today has more of the characteristics of a casino than of a  professional market of equities and, therefore, they doubt that one can ever  achieve a faithful and fair return on capital. However, this view is erroneous.  This essay sets out to explain how to achieve superior stock market investment  returns through a simple yet powerful investment rule: “the rule of 72”. This  rule is based on investment and not speculation yet if you faithfully apply it  your returns, over time, will be worthwhile. Many believe that such degree of  return is only possible through “speculative activity”. They are wrong and I  will explain…………………

full article here: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article43113.html

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