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Europe’s Scariest Chart Goes From Bad To Worst On Record

By Tyler Durden

The “wedge” between ‘market-perception’ and economic reality, that we discussed in detail
last night
, driven by Merkel’s enabling of Draghi’s excess, has never been
more extreme. As Elliott’s Paul Singer noted, things
are indeed “wrong and dangerous”
when politicians are proclaiming victories,
stocks are at record highs, bonds risk is at multi-year lows and yet
unemployment rates (most specifically among the under-25 youth of the
region) soars back to record highs
. A stunning 24.1% of young people
across the entire euro-zone is unemployed; Spain (having ‘exited’ its nominal
recession) stands at a record 56.5% youth unemployment, topped only by Greece’s
mind-numbing 57.3% youth unemployment record (as Greek bond yields hit 3 year
lows). France and Italy also hit record highs and Cyprus’ broad
unemployment level has exploded from 28% a year ago to 43% now
. Amid
all of this, Germany’s youth unemployment continues to improve to a 20
year low
. Recipe for disaster?

full article at source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-10-31/europes-scariest-chart-goes-bad-worst-record

U.S. Blasts Germany’s Economic Policies


Employing unusually sharp language, the U.S. on Wednesday openly criticized Germany’s economic policies and blamed the euro-zone powerhouse for dragging down its neighbors and the rest of the global economy.

In its semiannual currency report, the Treasury Department identified Germany’s export-led growth model as a major factor responsible for the 17-nation currency bloc’s weak recovery. The U.S. identified Germany ahead of its traditional target, China, and the most-recent perceived problem country, Japan, in the “key findings” section of the report.

The U.S. is itself dealing with persistently weak growth and has faced complaints from some countries about its attempts at reviving a sluggish economy, including the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies. Finance leaders have also taken aim at the U.S. over the global economic impact of fiscal wrangling between the White House and Congress, including the government shutdown and debt-ceiling fight………………………..

see full article here:


Something worth remembering!

From “Gathering”to “Scattering”

The political parties in the Irish Government are indeed the friends of the Irish Youth! This is their real message.”Get lost “

Youth in Ireland

see also :

 By David Burns

I last wrote for Generation Emigration about the desire to make my way home as I’d never got to know the place before I left it. It seems, especially as of yesterday, that I will be swimming against a rising tide.

Logging into the Zuckerberg express last night, I saw my friends back home were all posting protests or travel plans. A few of them ‘shared’ the call of activist group 1913 Unfinished Business, aiming to demonstrate outside the Dáil today at 5pm.Others had retweeted the quip that, cutting both Dole payments for U-26 and air tax, Michael Noonan might has well drop ‘the lads’ down to Australia himself.

Personally, I can understand the view held by the Government and others that people of that age group should be in work or education. I can understand it, despite national figures standing at 30.8 per cent for youth unemployment, because people normally equate youth with resilience. I can understand a general dismissal of protest movements against the 2014 budget because people habitually equate youth with irresponsibility as well.

full article at source: http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/generationemigration/2013/10/16/with-this-budget-government-policy-changes-from-gathering-to-scattering/

see also : http://www.irishtimes.com/news/video/?vid=1.1570568

Stop Watching us

10 protections against online surveillance:

(1) “Use end-to-end encryption.” It’s “your friend,” says computer security expert Bruce Schneier.

(2) Encrypt as many communications as possible. The more the better.

(3) “Encrypt your hard drive.” Without doing so, anyone can access your computer, tablet or smartphone. Contents can be copied with no password.

(4) Long strong passwords are best.

(5) “Use Tor. Free software permits online anonymity. Tor makes it hard to track Internet activity.

(6) Use two-factor or two-step authentication. Google, Twitter and Dropbox have it.

Google calls two-step protection for “your account with both your password and your phone.” It helps “keep bad guys out, even if they have your password.”

(7) “Don’t click on attachments.” Request information sent in text form.

(8) Update software. Use anti-virus software.

(9) “Keep extra secret information extra secret.” Encrypt and conceal what’s most private. TrueCrypt can encrypt a USB flash drive.

(10) “Be an ally.” To challenge today’s surveillance state, teach others what you learned. Explain why it’s important:

Website here: https://www.eff.org/press/releases/new-psa-featuring-rep-john-conyers-and-actor-maggie-gyllenhaal-warns-against-nsa:

see also : https://rally.stopwatching.us/

Keiser Report: Bandits, Bankers & Brokers

Newly reformed Land League Meeting

Dear Thomás,

 A Public Meeting of the newly reformed Land League will take place at Toughers Restaurant, Toughers Industrial Estate, Newhall, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, this coming Saturday, 2nd November, at 11am. Please see flyer attached.

All interested parties are asked to attend with a view to supporting the formation of national action groups on a number of issues; suicide, debt, finance, legal, etc.

Please pass to other groups and interested parties:


Directions to Toughers:

From the M7 Motorway near Naas take Exit 10.

Follow the signs to the R445 which takes you towards Newbridge.

About 3 miles from Exit 10 you will come to a roundabout on the R445 – take the first exit off the roundabout

Toughers Restaurant is located to the right hand side of the Filling Station at this roundabout.

James Devaney / James Miller / Clare Leonard

Interim Committee

Land League.

Mob: 086-807 6978.

email: jdev@indigo.ie


In our times, the common good is increasingly threatened by transnational organized crime, the improper use of the markets and of the economy, as well as by terrorism.

It is therefore necessary for the international community to adopt adequate legal instruments to prevent and counter criminal activities, by promoting international judicial cooperation on criminal matters.In ratifying numerous international conventions in these areas, and acting also on behalf of Vatican City State, the Holy See has constantly maintained that such agreements are effective means to prevent criminal activities that threaten human dignity, the common good and peace.

With a view to renewing the Apostolic See’s commitment to cooperate to these ends, by means of this Apostolic Letter issued

 Motu Proprio, I establish that:

1. The competent Judicial Authorities of Vatican City State shall also exercise penal jurisdiction over:

a) crimes committed against the security, the fundamental interests or the patrimony of the Holy

See;b) crimes referred to: in Vatican City State Law No. VIII, of 11 July 2013, containing

 upplementary Norms on Criminal

Law Matters- in Vatican City State Law No. IX, of 11 July 2013, containing

 Amendments to the Criminal

Code and the Criminal Procedure Code

 when such crimes are committed by the persons referred to in paragraph 3 below, in the exercise of their functions;

full doc in PDF here Vatican_Letter_2013-07-11

Enda Dictator

EU parliament to probe bailout troikas

By Valentina Pop

Berlin – MEPs dealing with economic affairs are to launch an inquiry into the “non-transparent” work of EU Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund officials overseeing spending cuts in bailout countries.The European Parliament wants to scrutinise the work of bailout troikas (Photo: europarl.europa.eu)

After more than three years since the first ‘troikas’ were sent to Greece and Ireland to “advise” the governments and oversee implementation of promised budget cuts, the European Parliament is seeking to shed some light on the work of these non-elected officials.

The coordinators of the main groups in the European Parliament’s economics committee on Monday (28 October) agreed to launch an inquiry into the work of the troika in Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus.

“The troikas of ECB, EU commission and IMF are playing a key role in the eurocrisis. Their work continues to be non-transparent to a large extent,” said German Green MEP Sven Giegold, the main force behind the initiative.

He explained that the inquiry would consist of hearings of troika officials as well as independent economic studies challenging the assumptions of the troika – assumptions that were proved to be wrong in all bailed-out countries.

full article at source: http://www.worldaffairsjournal.org/content/eu-parliament-probe-bailout-troikas

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