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Mission Impossible. What Future Fukushima?

By David McNeill and Miguel Quintana in Fukushima, Japan

Across much of Fukushima’s rolling green countryside they descend on homes like antibodies around a virus, men wielding low-tech tools against a very modern enemy: radiation. Power hoses, shovels and mechanical diggers are used to scour toxins that rained down from the sky nearly 31 months ago. The job is exhausting, expensive and, say some, doomed to failure. A sweating four-man crew wearing surgical masks and boiler suits cleans the home of Saito Hiroshi (71) and his wife Terue (68).

Their aim is to bring average radiation at this home down to 1.5 microsieverts an hour, still several times what it was before the accident but safe enough, perhaps, for Saito’s seven grandchildren to visit. “My youngest grandchild has never been here,” he says. Since 2011, the family reunites in Soma, around 20 km away.For a few days during March 2011, after a string of explosions at the Daiichi nuclear plant roughly 25 kilometers to the south, rain and snow laced with radiation fell across this area, contaminating thousands of acres of rich farming land and forests Over 160,000 people near the plant were ordered to evacuate.

The Saito’s home fell a few miles outside the 20-km compulsory evacuation zone, but like thousands of others they left voluntarily. When they returned two weeks later their neat, two-story country house appeared undamaged but it was blanketed in an invisible poison only detectable with beeping Geiger counters. Nobody knows for certain how dangerous the radiation is. Japan’s central government refined its policy in December 2011, defining evacuation zones as “areas where cumulative dose levels might reach 20 millisieverts per year,” the typical worldwide limit for nuclear power plant engineers.

The worst radiation is supposed to be confined to the 20-km exclusion zone, but it dispersed unevenly: less than 5km north of the Daiichi plant, our Geiger counter shows less than 5 millisieverts a year; 40km northwest, in parts of Iitate Village, it is well over 120 millisieverts. – See more at: http://japanfocus.org/-David-McNeill/4000#sthash.5RWpezLT.dpuf

– See more at: http://japanfocus.org/-David-McNeill/4000#sthash.5RWpezLT.dpuf

BofAML Warns “Risk Off” To Continue This Week

by Tyler Durden

Across asset classes, BofAML warns that financial markets suggest that this week
will see a continuation of the risk off theme from last week. The breakout in
the VIX says that investor anxiety wiil remain elevated, particularly as the
S&P500 remains on track to test 10 month trendline support at
. In such an environment, safe havens such as US Treasuries should
benefit with a target 2.544%/2.459% resistance.

full article at source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-09-30/bofaml-warns-risk-continue-week

The Ballad of Lidl & Aldi – Mick McConnell – John B. Keane’s Bar – Listowel

Grim reality of the bank guarantee

By David Mc Williams

This day five years ago, the bosses of Ireland’s big banks came to the government with an ultimatum that went more or less like this: “We have run out of money, what are you going to do about it?”.

Of course this day could have been avoided if at some stage during the beginning of the credit boom in 2000-2002, the banks had been policed by the regulator. But they were allowed to do whatever they liked – endangering the entire economy. The state didn’t listen to any warnings in the period when something could have been done. By September 2008 it was all over.

The very real threat was that the banks, having mismanaged their affairs on a monumental basis, wouldn’t open the next day because they had no money. Of course, the minute they didn’t open, depositors – as in Cyprus – would be queuing to get their money out.

It is a hostage situation.

The banks (the hostage takers) threaten to kill the hostage (the economy) if the government won’t pay the ransom (a bailout of some sort).

The government’s watchdog – the regulator and the Central Bank – were on the telly a few days before, saying all was grand and that Irish banks had loads of money.

But why did the banks run out of money?

full article at source: http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2013/09/30/grim-reality-of-the-guarantee


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


David Mc Williams’s article is a more or less description of what happened and although he skirts around the people responsible I do not! The Directors who were in the board rooms of every bank in the country are responsible so are the government every last jack and Mary one of them .What has happened to these Crooks, well they all have been given payoff’s. Lottery pensions and even promotions .We the gobshites at the bottom are left paying the bills and will be for the next 60 years or more. The corrupt politicians are now back again and are likely to make up the next corrupt government as we continue to tolerate the corrupt musical chairs political system that rewards incompetence at the very least or downright treason to call it by its real name! All in all about 200 of the elite in our BA-NAMA Republic are responsible and should be in Jail. But No these crooks are enjoying the high life as 3780 poor are in jail because they cannot pay fines for not having a TV licence!

The notion that this Bank bailout was to protect the depositors is just a lode of hog wash.  The Faceless moneymen were bailed out and by the ordinary Joe in this country that is a fact of daly life !

The Banks are STILL bankrupt as they are hiding enormous derivative losses along with the mortgage losses .I recon they between the lot of them are going to be coming back again for another bail out and I will bet the protected deposits will no longer be protected .Get ready for a minimum haircut of 30% of your deposits!

You have been warned!

Out Camping in Wicklow with Jessie






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Welcome to TAX haven Ireland for the rich and Austerity hell for the ordinary Joe!

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Welcome to TAX haven Ireland for the rich and Austerity hell for the ordinary Joe!

Welcome to TAX haven Ireland, where the hard presses ordinary PAYE taxpayers have to subsidise the world’s largest corporations, the world’s largest hot money centre holding 2.7 trillion euro’s in hidden bank accounts and where not one red cent tax is been charged by our sell-out politicians who are in bed with the very crooks who are hiding their hot money down at the IFSC in Dublin.

So we the Irish have our Natural Gas stolen from us , our Oil reserves stolen from us and we nearly had our Forests stolen from us and now I hear we are about to lose the countries Gas company to vultures and pals from corrupt politicians who were voted in to office to protect our nations interest ! Instead we find these corrupt gangsters are helping hidden moneymen steal our national treasures!.

As long as the ordinary workers of this country are forced to take the burden of bailing out gangsters in our banks, corrupt corporation, and implementing policy from unelected special advisors who all have their own self interests at heart we the people are going to be bled dry. The brightest and best are leaving the country in droves and the gombeen politicians are feathering their own nests while our people are crushed under ever increasing taxes and austerity measures designed to beat down any notion of an Independent people!We have become a nation of financial debt servers !

Our political elite are all in good spirits as the latest polls are indicating the crooks running our country have little to fear of the people rising up, we are it seems a complying bunch!. With the world’s largest companies paying little or no tax, we the ordinary people are going to have to pay for all the shortcomings! For every euro these corporate leeches do not pay tax Ordinary Joe has to do without community services , a dismantled health service and diminishes educational  prospects for our children. How long are we the ordinary people going to stay on our knees and allow this Austerity hell continue? While the privileged suck our country and its natural resources dry??

2013-09-12 13.05.24

How long are we going to allow Merkel tell us when we can build a hospital or when and where we build our schools or when we die?

Where are the fighting Irish?? , wake up and see reality!!

Google pays €17m tax on €15.5bn revenue

By Mark Paul

Google’s Irish-based operation increased its revenue in 2012 by almost a quarter to €15.5 billion, according to accounts filed over the weekend.

But, after charging “administrative expenses” of almost €11 billion, which includes royalties paid to other Google entities abroad, Google Ireland paid just €17 million in corporation tax last year.

The company, which at year end employed 2,200 staff at its European, Middle East and Africa (Emea) headquarters on Barrow Street in Dublin, boosted its gross profit by 22 per cent to more than €11 billion. Its administrative expenses also jumped by €2 billion, however, wiping out most of the gains in operating profit.

full article at source: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/technology/google-pays-17m-tax-on-15-5bn-revenue-1.1544187

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