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UN calls for global moratorium on ‘Killer robots’


We must not allow these robots to be let loose  or we will lose total control and become the victims’ of these machines.This is where we must draw the line!



Keiser report 477

Introducing : Collateralized Rental Agreement Payment Streams

In other words another kind of Derivative and just as worthless as all the other 640 trillion worth out in the market .Get ready for the mother of all crashes ,there will be no bailing out ,no bailing in when this one implodes !

Brian M. Lucey

From the industry that brought you CMOs where mortgage payments of …ahem… various kinds of quality were bundled up and by the power of greyskull math deemed to be as good as the best of the elements therein comes…So, here we have CRAPS. As murky as the output and as risky as the game, this combines both in one hypertoxic proof that YEAH BABY WALL STREET IS BACK IN THE GAME!

A bond backed by rental payments. Yes…. Its true

Two major Wall Street firms are in detailed discussions to create and sell the world’s first bond backed by home-rental payments, people familiar with the matter say.

Source : Wall Street Journal

why? WHY !!!!

Investors still are hungry for the high returns that are likely to accompany a first-of-its-kind deal, which would be viewed as more risky than well-known securities.

duh… so these risky things, because people welch on…

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Lifestyle and Emotional Well-Being, with Dr. Andrew Weil

More lies by Irish Government as Property Tax pays Bondholders


Fluoride causes cancer

How safe do you think your drinking water is where you live?

Do you filter your water before drinking from the tap?

Fluoride-Free Water does not believe it is safe to drink tap water in Ireland which has been fluoridated.

Why not? Water fluoridation was known, from the start, to cause dental fluorosis in at least 10% of children exposed to it. Dental fluorosis is irreversible tooth enamel damage for life (see pictures below). We believe that drinking the chemicals used in fluoridation is an unecessary risk to health. According to the Department of Health report, Forum on Fluoridation Ireland 2002, “Roughly 50% of an absorbed amount of fluoride will be excreted in the urine during the following 24 hours and most of the remainder will become associated with calcified tissue (bones and teeth).”

Among the agents listed on page 192 of the report by the Department of Health are Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium, Lead, Nickel, Silicon, Fluoride (Hydro Fluoro Silicic Acid – H2SiF6). Currently, 71% of the public water supplies in the Republic of Ireland contain these agents.

We are a non-profit, independent, campaign group who believe that the policy of water fluoridation is very harmful to people, animals, and aquatic life; and that it also damages our environment and is totally unethical, and illegal. The agent, Hydro Fluoro Silicic Acid (H2SiF6), in water fluoridation is a listed poison under Irish Poisons Act 1982, First Schedule, Part 11 (SI 188).



Most of Europe does not fluoridate its drinking water for health, legal and environmental reasons, as you can see below.

Impact of Dental Fluorosis on your teeth

Dental fluorosis is tooth enamel damage for life. This damage is clearly seen in the photographs of dental fluorosis shown on this page. Promoters of water fluoridation knew in advance that at least 10% of children would be affected with this condition under the water fluoridation policy. Children, their parents and guardians, did not get a chance to refuse water fluoridation and avoid this damage. Help us protect future generations from this damage by saying NO to water fluoridation today……..

full article at source:http://www.fluoridefreewater.ie/


DON’T LOSE INTEREST IN THE GREEK SPHERE: it is being crushed by maniacs.

Great article ,please keep them comming!

The Slog

mykonosThe most beautiful country in Europe is still being crushed mercilessly by the Troika and its fat collaborators. Pay attention: we are going to be next.

A huge hat-tip goes to the Hellenic heroes who slave 24/7 writing Keep Talking Greece – still the best-informed source about the realities of EC scorched earth nihilism in Greece – for many of the highlights that follow.

On 23rd July, Eurobarometer research recorded  that 98% of Greeks thought their economy “poor”, and 90% do not trust the government.

The next day, Germany started playing games again, threatening to delay €2.5 billion bailout tranche to Greece.

The day after that, two other gigantic turds fell from a great height onto the ordinary, innocent Greek people: having closed over a thousand schools in two years, the Troika declared that more would have to go as repayment’s were not on track. This track, by the…

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