What is truth?

By Simon Carswell, Suzanne Lynch

The Government has denied claims in a US senate report that Ireland’s tax regime has allowed Apple to avoid paying billions of dollars in tax.

Speaking in Brussels this morning, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore said that Ireland has a “very transparent tax regime.”

The issues raised in the US Senate report, including the claim that Apple used two Irish subsidiaries which are not tax-resident anywhere, are “not issues that arise from the Irish taxation system,” he said

“They’re issues that arise from the taxation system in other jurisdictions and that’s an issue that has to be addressed first of all in those jurisdictions.”

Mr Gilmore said that while the Government will look at the report, Ireland has a very transparent tax regime.

“Let’s be very clear about this, Ireland has a very strong, very transparent tax regime. There are problems in other jurisdictions, those problems are going to have to be addressed.

“Any loopholes have to be closed off, and we will work to have those closed off both at European Union level and through the work we are doing at the OECD.”…

full article at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/technology/government-denies-facilitating-apple-tax-avoidance-1.1400752


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