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€1600 per floating voter…and it won’t work


“Komm mit Geli, unser Schmiergelder ewartet Sie…”

Several German and Greek Sloggers have sent me this week’s big story from Spiegel:the German government is backing away from its austerity mandates and planning to spend billions to stimulate ailing economies in Southern Europe’. But Berlin won’t be ‘stimulating’ anything except its popularity in preparation for the September 2013 general election.

Last week, German finance supremo Wolfgang Schäuble sent a letter to Economics Minister Philipp Rösler in which he proposed that the coalition partners act together in a new plan for stimulation in the ClubMed States. Rösler’s Ministry is responsible for Germany’s KfW development bank – and the Frankfurt-based institution is to play a key role in the German growth concept that experts from both ministries have started drafting for ClubMed…beginning with Spain.

Damian Carrington in the Guardian last week was effusive…

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Out and about with Mother Nature

Did anything daring to-day?

Did anything daring to-day?

I just got to do this some day!

The Haircut – Cyprus : The Irish Haircut is on the way!

This is the treatment been prepared for the account holders of Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland in the coming months you have been warned. “Get your money out” before the gangsters in Europe implement this smash and grab with the help of the puppet Irish government!





Sun rise this morning

Countdown to EU Elections 2014

With unemployment at record levels, rising extremism and popular discontent, Europe needs to hear its citizens’ voices! Debating Europe Vote 2014 is the first ever pan-European online e-Vote, launched one year before the European Parliament elections in May 2014. This will be the largest ever pan-European exercise in e-Democracy, giving you a chance to decide who YOU want to vote for in the 2014 European Parliament elections.
Debating Europe will host a series of online debates, live chats, and physical events, designed to enable Europe’s citizens to question MEPs (and prospective MEPs) on the issues facing Europe, and help make up their mind about who to vote for in the European elections. Citizens will be invited to cast their vote for the European political group they support and a live chart of the European Parliament hemicycle will show the results in real-time.
The results will be presented directly to the European Parliament each month. Citizens, students and first-time voters from each of the (soon-to-be) 28 EU member-states will take part, and the online vote will be closed one month before the 2014 European Parliament elections so the final results can be sent out to European and national media, acting as a high-profile barometer ahead of the real elections.
Debating Europe is a successful online project launched in 2011 by the think tank Friends of Europe and the policy journal Europe’s World in partnership with the European Parliament, Microsoft, Gallup and Skype. It is designed to engage citizens and policymakers in an ongoing conversation on a range of vital issues shaping Europe’s future, collecting questions from citizens through a series of online debates and asking high-profile policymakers and experts to reply. Since its launch, the project has grown quickly – with an active social media community of over 105,000+ followers today. We’ve taken hundreds of comments and questions from our users and put them to key policymakers, including Prime Ministers, Commissioners, Ministers, MEPs and MPs (among others: Herman Van Rompuy, José Manuel Barroso, Martin Schulz, Jean-Claude Juncker, Jean-Claude Trichet, Mario Monti, Joaquin Almunia, Viviane Reding, Javier Solana, Carl Bildt, Alexander Stubb).
You can also follow Debating Europe Vote 2014 on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please do not hesitate to share the links above amongst your network. Thank you for your attention.
Kind regards,
Adam Nyman
Debating Europe
Rue de la Science 4 • 1000 Brussels Bibliothèque Solvay • Parc Léopold • rue Belliard 137 • 1040 Brussels
T: +32 2 300 89 55 | F: +32 2 300 89 50 www.debatingeurope.eu

A little bit of sunshine!

What a beautiful day here in south east of Ireland .

If you don’t have any sunshine to-day then let me share this moment with you and bring some sunshine into your life !


‘Drone strikes a terror-generating machine’ – Noam Chomsky (RT Exclusive)


2013-05-14 17.22.28

Drones are the instruments of murder used by so called democratic states (mostly western)If the people of the western nations accept this as a legitimate  use of state violence then don’t be surprised when the same states use these same instruments of death on their own citizens .You have been warned!

OECD warns on Irish unemployment and mortgage arrears

The prestigious Paris-based economic think-tank also said it was essential that faster progress is made in tackling mortgage arrears.The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) forecast growth of 1pc this year in Ireland – less than the 1.3pc projected by the Department of Finance.In its latest report on the global economic outlook, the OECD said Ireland must stick with its austerity budgets if it is to successfully exit the bailout.“Financial market confidence has improved but the bank lending environment for firms and households remains adverse,” the OECD report said “It is essential to make faster progress in dealing with non-performing loans.“Decisive labour-market reforms are also needed to address the prospect of persistent high long-term unemployment, especially among young people, in particular by putting more resources into activation measures and better aligning skills with employers’ needs.”

The Paris body said GDP will be 1pc this year and 1.9pc in 2014. Unemployment will be 14.3pc and fall to 14.1pc next year.

It said that unemployment would decline only slowly, reflecting in part “persistent skill mismatches”.

Global GDP is expected to increase 3.1pc this year and by 4pc in 2014, the report said.

Across OECD countries, GDP is projected to rise by 1.2pc this year and by 2.3pc in 2014, while growth in non-OECD countries will rise by 5.5pc this year and 6.2pc in 2014…

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/oecd-warns-on-irish-unemployment-and-mortgage-arrears-29305917.html


Miracle of the day! Have you seen this?

Miracle of the day !

The mother of the newborn baby boy flushed  down a toilet in China watched in secret as rescuers dramatically plucked him  alive from a sewer pipe.

The 22-year-old woman is believed to have  raised the initial alarm but only confessed to police after they searched her  rented room and found toys and blood-stained toilet paper, the Chinese state  news agency reported.

The two-day-old, 5lb boy  has been temporarily named Baby 59 – the number of the incubator in which he  lies with a fractured skull and severe bruising.

Scroll down  for video. Warning graphic content

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2331941/Chinese-baby-rescued-ALIVE-toilet-pipe-flushed-away-parents.html#ixzz2Ug7HrNIc Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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