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Cyprus is the new Greece!

Euro-zone Cyprus Theft of Bank Deposits Serious Unintended Consquences

By: John_Mauldin

I admit to being surprised by Cyprus. Oh, not the banking crisis   or the sovereign debt crisis or the fact that its banks were eight   times larger than the country itself or even the fact that the banks   were bloated with Greek debt that had been written down. I wrote about   all that a long time ago. What surprised me was that all the above was   apparently a surprise to European leaders.

While there is much to not like about what European leaders have   done since the onset of their crisis some five years ago, they have   demonstrated a prodigious ability to kick, poke, and massage the can   down the road, to defuse crisis after crisis, and to indefinitely   postpone the inevitable. They have demonstrated a remarkable ability to   spend taxpayers’ and others’ money in order to keep Europe and the euro   more or less in one piece. At every step they have been keenly intent on   maintaining trust in the system. That they have been successful in   keeping a majority of citizens in favor of the Eurozone and the euro,   even in countries forced to endure serious austerity, must be   recognized.

However, the shock in Cyprus reveals an absolute lack of   preparedness in dealing with a problem that had festered for several   years. By now it should be no surprise to anyone that sovereign nations   can default, that banks can go bankrupt under the weight of defaulted   sovereign debt, and that banks can be too large for some countries to   bail out. That a clear and consistent response to Cyprus should have   been worked out in the halls of Brussels and the ECB seems so, well,   reasonable. Clearly, the large depositors in Cypriot banks, the majority   of whom were Russian (according to Financial Times reports)   thought the Eurozone had a plan. In fact, the apparent assumption,   bordering on religious faith, that Eurozone leaders would not allow   depositors in Cypriot banks to lose one euro, is almost touching. This   snafu is going to have repercussions that spread far beyond this tiny   island nation. Let’s look at a few of the implications…….

full article at source: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article39676.html

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK

About time the world woke up !

Everlast – So Long

Fall of the Fourth Reich – Empire of Debt

Fall of the Fourth Reich – Empire of Debt
The debt bubble will burst and was
predictable decades ago. Derivatives, housing bubbles, exponential debt increase
are all heading one way. A total collapse in fiat money. Total collapse in money
will bring chaos. Chaos will trigger conflict, land grab wars, martial law. The
last steps to total control and humanity mostly killed off with the rest

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