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“anti-Merkel” result from the Italian elections

Dubbed an “anti-Merkel” result, the German chancellor has refrained from commenting publicly on the Italian elections’ outcome but two top-table officials stressed it was paramount for Rome to keep its reform course on

Merkel was, however, reported to have dismissed interpreting the Italian vote as  a kickback against government austerity measures at a meeting of her conservative party on Tuesday, according to participants.

“The government does not adhere at all to such one-dimensional explanations,” her spokesman Steffen Seibert told a regular government news conference the following day.

Most outspoken among German politicians has been Merkel’s gaffe-prone challenger from the opposition  centre-left in this year’s general elections, Peer Steinbrück.

“I am downright appalled that two clowns won,” he told a Social Democratic Party event in Potsdam late on Tuesday, sparking the Italian president to cancel scheduled talks the next day with him.

He said that while former comedian turned anti-corruption firebrand Beppe Grillo was a “professional clown with nothing against being called that,” former premier Silvio Berlusconi was “a clown with a particular testosterone

full article:  http://www.thelocal.de/politics/20130228-48241.html


An Old Tree in Lubeck

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Best Bus Stop!

Good news from the world of medical research.

Main sites of metastases for some common cance...

Main sites of metastases for some common cancer types. Primary cancers are denoted by “…cancer” and their main metastasis sites are denoted by “…metastases”. List of included entries and references is found on main image page in Commons: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A ”universal” vaccine, which is part of a new generation of drugs that use the body’s own

defenses to fight the disease, stopping tumours in their tracks, could be available in just two years.

The TeloVac jab could revolutionise the treatment of cancer.

But it is hoped it will be effective against many other tumours, including those of the skin, lung and liver. Breast and prostate cancers may also be within its grasp.

Rather than attacking the cancer cells, like many existing drugs, it harnesses the power of the immune system to fight the tumours.

If you are travelling abroad make sure you have medical insurance over 80 to ensure you have no expensive bills.

It works by encouraging the immune system to seek out and destroy an enzyme called telomerase. Found at high levels in many cancer cells, telomerase effectively makes them immortal, allowing them to live on when healthy cells would die – easing the growth and spread of the tumour…………………..

full article at source: http://goodnewsstories.org/cancer-tumour-vaccine/

Good idea!

The working billboard houses generators that capture humidity and send it through a reverse osmosis system to generate water, this video about the project  from the ad agency explains. The water is filtered and stored in tanks. A tap at the base supplies water to local residents.

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The unfolding horse meat outrage currently engulfing Europe has taken on a new, bizarre twist, according to investigators. Key figures involved in the unfolding scandal have been linked to a similar secretive network of companies that have ties to convicted Russian arms trafficker Viktor Bout.

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, an Eastern European-based group comprised of investigative journalists who have been tracking and reporting on the scandal, has now identified an intermediary business, Draap Trading – which is based in Limassol, Cyprus – as playing a primary role in distributing the horse meat across Europe.

– See more at: http://shiftfrequency.com/#sthash.ZZ8YMGbT.dpuf


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The Real Lesson from Italian Elections


The outcome of the Italian elections is the current core driver of the newsflow. Alas, so far, it is for a very wrong reason. The Italian voters have returned a divided Legislature, prompting the claims that Italy is now at a risk of becoming ‘ungovernable’. In reality, such statements are confusing one of the symptoms for the entire disease because the original departing assumption of the analysts arguing such a scenario is that the brief period of technocratic governance under Mario Monti administration was:…….

full article at source: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.de/

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