What is truth?

The idea of creativity and suffering are deeply interwoven in our minds. Very often we picture artists of talent or at least repute as reclusive, haunted, or brooding. Somehow, the idea of the tortured artist is seen as something romantic. This idea goes hand in hand with the idea that creativity and madness are inexorably interlinked.  We suspect that at the heart of creation lies an ugly core of destruction, that the center of the gyre that fuels imagination is pain of one kind or another. Admittedly, this desire for a broken creator has a certain appeal. It’s an example of how even from the depths of sorrow and misery, something wonderful can emerge.

It paints the creator as a sort of ubermensch, overcoming the shackles of his or her plight and rising out of the wreckage of his or her own life. Then there is an undeniable mysteriousness about creativity. The idea of inspiration to the Greeks necessarily implied madness as the muses or a god or goddess sent the artist into a frenzy of creativity and production. Even today, there is an aura of the divine and otherworldly in creativity. Even science is perplexed by the seemingly endless permutations the human mind can generate about any given subject. So even historically, creativity is seen as something powerful, perhaps too powerful for the person gifted with it, thus madness and pain ensues……..

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