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What Is The Value Of Money?

Money we all know is a medium of exchange Buyers and sellers relate to each other through money The question here is – what is the value of money? Few say money is the root of all evil Many say money is the root of prosperity And how valuable is money Almost everything is measured by money People go to work everyday because of money Wealth of individuals is measured by money

All purchases and transactions are made by money Every country has a name for its own money The importance of some countries In based on the value of their money What is the value of money?

The rise and fall of foreign exchange Is used to measure the value of money Success to many is also measured by money Corporate positions are measured by money There are some people who marry for money What is the value of money? To many, money is everything You cannot get many things done without money Many have pondered and contemplated to ask Can human beings live without money?

Then, how shall we determine and decide The prices of individuals and materials Differences between the rich and the poor Are calculated in monetary terms The power bestowed by money Seems bigger than imagined

Julius Babarinsa

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