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By Thomás O Cléirigh

To The People of Ireland: You are been lied to, Bamboozled and hoodwinked into paying back private banking debts and private gambling debts of the insider friends of the Irish political élite. I am living over here in Germany, whilst I continuously here of a Greek crises and a Spanish financial crises I have yet to hear in the German news of an Irish financial crises! The Germans do not see I Ireland as having been unjustly forced to take on private bondholders debts or for that matter Deutsche Bank’s reckless lending to Angelo Irish Bank and the other toxic banks in the state! To Them the Irish Government were responsible for the financial meltdown of the Irish financial system as they were presiding over a lax monetary regulation policy.

The Irish Government were in fact driving the insane credit bubble in favour of their insider pals in the elitist circles that rule our country! These same insiders were and are still benefiting, as the rest of us wallow in forced Austerity. This Austerity is been justified by the lies by Kenny and Noonan of an eventual German adjustment or “relief” on this “Irish Bank Debt” .These two must be going to China or some other planet when they go to these meetings! These two Gobshites are nothing more that tea boys when they appear at meetings here in Germany .Nobody takes them seriously and they wouldn’t be missed if they didn’t  come for that matter.

Because of the mind boggling incompetence of these two Gombeens we are now forced to pay debts that rightly belong to Deutsche Bank and their subsidiaries and in turn their insider bondholder pals! The fact is our political stooges are no match for the shark infested waters of Berlin! Does any one of them speak German? Germans say one thing but mean something entirely different and you need to know the language that matters. Kenny and Noon have a good command of English and they are very well able to spin their way out of promises made to their own people, so why are they now so upset with the Germans?

They (The Germans) are only doing the same thing to Kenny and Noonan (lying of course!) Just to have something to say to the cameras for the six o clock news but everybody knows that the real deals are done when you have a real force behind you and these two puppets are just pissing in the wind!Telling more lies to the gullible Irish as they turn the austerity screw tighter each year as the imposed budget from Berlin is forced down our collective throats.

News Flash!!!

These two beauties, have totally misinterpreted the meeting in July and its consequences .These idiots allowed the Germans off the hook and places every Irish family in the meat grinder! We as a nation no longer exist! We are now financial slaves, debt servicing surfs and the Irish government is nothing more than an instrument in the service of the new Deutsche 4th Reich!

Kenny and Noonan are stringing us along with promises of eventual relief of these odious debts but of course this relief will never materialize and is never going to come about! The game plan is to slowly slash public spending and balance the Irish national budget no matter what the cost in order to please the new masters in Europe. The next step will be to further erode the independence of the Irish with a new treaty, effecitively bringing about a federal government in Europe along the lines of federal republic of Germany .We do not amount to a hill of beans and the Germans would sooner dump us as soon as they can .They have almost gotten everything they were looking for and our incompetent parish pump parasites in the Dail even bailed out their Deutsche Bank in the process!. Ireland didn’t get a bailout, Deutsche Bank and its insider pals got the bailout. If you don’t believe me why don’t you ask Noonan and Kenny where did the billions go we paid out to ???

To every Irish family wake up and smell the dung heap you are now sitting in. Kenny and Noonan are lying to you there is no relief on the way just more pain and more Austerity! .I am right here in Germany and I see how these chancres are viewed here by the Germans .Paddy can you go and make the tea? Remember you voted in these career parish pump, self enriching –self serving leaches! Stand up and get up off your knees and do something to day to get rid of these pests.

If you don’t, you deserve the next kick in the “proverbials”  you are going to get from these two puppets of Angelika !   Take a look at the following article and have a nice day Machholz .

Following Article  By DEREK SCALLY, in Berlin was sent in to us today

GERMAN OFFICIALS have said they are not responsible for “illusions” created in Ireland after last June’s summit that EU leaders would expedite the  resolution of its banking debt issue.

Senior advisers to  Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday that the two-day meeting of the  European People’s Party congress, beginning today, was an “important  lap” in discussing the eurozone crisis, but that no decisions were  likely to be made.

Dr Merkel will push for a wide-ranging  discussion on measures for further integration of economic and finance  policy. Germany is pushing for far-reaching measures, even those that  would require treaty change; many of Berlin’s neighbours would prefer to avoid this step.

One of Dr Merkel’s senior officials insisted  yesterday it was “perfectly clear” what the European council of EU  leaders agreed at their last summit in June, and insisted this did not  involve a deadline for Irish debt relief or even the nature of any  possible relief.

“If others interpret the [June statement]  differently, that is not our problem,” said the official. “The text says that the [European] commission will make suggestions, which the council will discuss as a matter of urgency. Nowhere does it say that the  council would agree anything by the end of the year.”

Germany’s  interpretation of the June agreement is that progress on Ireland’s bank  debt can only come after a European banking regulator is operating  effectively, and after EU leaders have agreed rules for banking  recapitalisation by the ESM bailout fund.

Germany has said it is  unlikely the regulator will be operational in 2013. Leaders were  unlikely to spend much time discussing this today, Berlin officials  said, with technical talks still continuing at the level of finance  ministers.

“With respect to Irish banks, the problems occurred in a time when they were overseen at national level and thus the  responsibility is at national level,” said a senior German official in  Berlin.

“It is simply not on that everyone tries to slip out of their responsibilities that they carried in the past.”

German officials said it was not their problem if Dublin had created  expectations regarding the speed at which the banking problem could be  resolved and they noted that the June agreement contained no deadline.

“There’s nothing in there about agreeing anything to the end of the year,” an  official said of the June statement. If anyone feels the need to read  this into the statement, they face the problem of explaining why they  have created illusions not contained in the text they signed.”

full article at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/world/2012/1018/1224325411577.html

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  2. […] To The People of Ireland : You are been lied to ,Bambeluzeled,and Hundwinked (thepressnet.com) […]

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