What is truth?

By Thomás O Cléirigh

Fellow countrymen and woman we are being raped slowly and repeatedly and we are being held down by our own corrupt puppet politicians!

For the past four years I have been forced to pay subprime interest rates on my mortgage(6%) even though I have never failed to pay my mortgage “Ever” I have always had at least 3 months payments in advance my account. I am one of 80,000 customers of the Permanent TSB who are been forced to pay this penal interest rate to this corrupt and toxic bank stuffed full of gangsters! As a variable rate mortgage customer I am been forced to pay the gambling debts of this corrupt financial institution. Kenny and his co-Gombeens in Leinster house are as far as I am concerned ,they are just as corrupt and are lying Basta**s who should be taken out and Shot for their participation in the financial enslavement  of the Irish Nation.

We the Irish people collectively,  are been forced to service odious debt that are helping to keep  faceless gambling  bondholders in business ! These hidden money men are destroying our communities, they are enslaving our children and are robbing our countries natural resources and the current government are colluding with this hidden enemy! The time has come for all true patriots to come together and form “The resistance” We have no choice now but to take any and all action! The time for waffle is well past as every day more and more of our country is been stolen to enrich the Insider elite who have bought their way into the Dail. Ireland get up off your knees and stand up and fight back against the infested Dail and the hidden money men who are sucking us all dry!We must default ,we must send these leaches packing now!

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