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Anthony Wile

In an article entitled, “How the Courts Are Curbing YouTube,” the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation explains to us that judicial pressure is being applied to YouTube to continually expand self-censorship. YouTube is owned by huge search engine provider, Google.

We are supposed to be concerned that Google’s “guidelines are running afoul of local laws in different parts of the world” and generating these reactions. But if we look beneath the surface, we find a different scenario altogether.

We begin to see this is an elite dominant social theme, a promotion designed to bring about a certain result, one apparently designed to reduce certain kinds of information available on the Web. What we find, in fact, is a kind of orchestrated dance whereby the very forces that are supposedly anti-censorship are helping manufacture episodes that further promote it.

If we understand what is at work here, it helps us comprehend the larger matrix of control that has been woven around our lives and times.

What we call the Internet Reformation – ‘Net-based debunkery of “accepted wisdom” – provides us the tools to better understand this hidden reality. The powers-that-be (those who prefer the status quo) are uncomfortable with the raucous world of the Internet and have undertaken a campaign against it that seems to stretch back a decade or more.

We will learn, if we are willing to look, how dialectical paradigms are used to create control over our lives. Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis is the tried-and-true methodology.

Among recent victims is Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom, whose business empire was virtually undone by the US government on behalf of those in the entertainment industry who wanted Dotcom held accountable for alleged copyright violations……………………………………

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/4371/Anthony-Wile-Google-Censorship-A-Manufactured-Affair

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