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Everlast – White Trash Beautiful

Missing Minister: €130m cuts but no answers from Reilly via @independent_ie

HEALTH Minister James Reilly was not at his department desk — nor at the HSE press conference — as €130m of health cuts were announced.He ignored the clamor for a response to the savage budget slashing that will particularly affect the elderly and disabled.He did not appear on any radio or television programmes and was not available for interview – despite requests from every media organisation in the country.Along with all the other refusals he declined to appear on RTE’s flagship Morning Ireland programme today, missing a prime opportunity to reassure worried and angry patients.

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Missing Minister: €130m cuts but no answers from Reilly via @independent_ie.

see also : http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2012/0831/breaking18.html


James Reilly (in front of microphones).

James Reilly (in front of microphones). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was just listening to radio one “The Ronan Collins Show”  This lady Oral was complaining about the latest cuts, at first I was sympathetic towards but as the interview went on I started to change my opinion towards her .She was asked if she voted in the present government and she said yes, then it transpires she was a civil servant (a teacher if you don’t mind) Now I was totally gone off her and her whinging!.Don’t get me wrong I expected these cuts to manifest themselves as soon as the present government got into office ,that is why I presented myself as an independent in the last general election in a vain attempt the secure all of our hard won Health services and to bring about an end to the Quango’s and vastly over paid TD’s and all government and semi state management .Ranging from the ludicrous salaries of the top presenters in RTE ,the management of the HSE and to tackle and  drastically slash the pensions of past minsters, and Bank directors for starters. But no, people like ORL decided to vote in the same old gangsters and liars once again!

This is the problem with the people of Ireland when they had a chance to bring about real change , and vote in new committed people , the likes of this  woman voted in the same gombeens, liars, and self-serving politicians that have graced the Lenster house since I was a boy and that is a long time ago. This Oral, now wakes up to the health cuts, why because it is now affecting her at last! As a teacher she is getting well paid (a year’s pay for 9 months work not to mention the sick days .The people of Ireland must wake up and realize that the old established political parties and all just the same, there are no differences between the lot of them. They are all part of a corrupt political system that has served the real people with power in Ireland and that is the hidden, faceless moneymen who infest all of the established political parties.

The working men and woman have been stitched up, bamboozled, and ripped off with empty promises and until people like ORLA wake up and vote in non-aligned, independent candidates, new people from the ground up ,there will be no change. I think I can now show that Labour, Fine Gael, and FF are all the same. Sorry Oral you are just as responsible for these cuts and the Gombeen politician James Reilly and the rest of the economic traitors milking the people of Ireland for all they can get !

Wake up Ireland and get these leaches off our backs once and for all

Mise le meas.

Thomás O Cléirigh

Keiser Report: Monopolies, Military, Mayhem (E334)

We’ll all shiver if Germany can’t shake economic cold

By David Mc Williams

IF you want to know where the classic 1980s power ballads (the theme from ‘Dirty Dancing’, Laura Branigan’s ‘Self Control’, Heaven 17 numbers and assorted gems from the New Romantic era) ended up, look no further than German radio. While I was driving through the northern bit of the Rhine yesterday, the car radio offered up an eclectic mix, ranging from the reasonably nostalgic to the God-awful, in a display of Catholic music tastes befitting a journey that concluded just outside Cologne cathedral, Europe’s biggest.

The other noticeable thing about driving in Germany on a weekday is the sheer amount of commerce on the roads. The inside lane of the autobahn is an uninterrupted convoy of trucks shipping Germany’s exports all over the continent.

If you want to feel the German economy, the best way is to sense the shudder of the thousands of trucks on the A3 autobahn, which bisects Germany top to bottom

full article at source: http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2012/08/30/well-all-shiver-if-germany-cant-shake-economic-cold?utm_source=Website+Subscribers&utm_campaign=20f19d1cd4-30082012&utm_medium=email


I moved over to the Town of Lubeck in Northern Germany last November and I have been coming back to Ireland about every 8 weeks. The cost of accommodation is the first thing that hits you a one bedroom apartment in my town set’s me back 300 Euros in the best part of town for the month .My grocery bill is about one third of the cost in Ireland . Most striking of all is the people I have to deal with in the local council are in fact highly professional and highly qualified to be in their position and are totally answerable for their actions. You get immediate answers and immediate costing that stays the same when you are paying your bill. There is no messing around going from Billy to Jack to Jill and then her aunty down the hall and then once all around the building  again just for good measure in case you misses somebody . They have a vested interest in getting you started in your business a can do altitude is everywhere within the German local civil service.

Having said that I can confirm I have noticed a few small shops going out of business and there does seem to be a growing number of shops going out of business just off the main pedestrian streets . German’s are not going out to local cafe during the week much as they used to according to a friend of mine who has a cafe in town!

Downside is there is no minimum wage and you could end up working for around 3 euro (so you might end up working two to three jobs)  per hour you not likely to build up any service years as most people have to move around from job to job there are no lifelong jobs but that can also be a positive.

CSO report of an in-depth picture of housing in Ireland

The Central Statistics Office today released the latest publication in its series of Census 2011 results, showing that the number of households renting their accommodation increased by 47 per cent since 2006 to stand at 474,788 in April 2011 and leading to the overall home ownership rate to drop sharply from 74.7 per cent to 69.7 per cent.


Today’s publication, “Profile 4 The Roof over our Heads – Housing in Ireland”, examines the characteristics of over 1.6 million permanent dwellings occupied on April 10th 2011, along with 289,451 dwellings which were identified as being vacant at the time of the census.


Deirdre Cullen, Senior Statistician at the CSO: “This report provides an in-depth picture of housing in Ireland at the time of the last census. It presents detailed results on housing characteristics such as heating, sewerage and water along with an analysis of renting in Ireland, the housing situation among non-Irish nationals and a study of vacant dwellings across the country.”


The full report is available on the CSO website at www.cso.ie/census along with all the data which is available in a range of interactive web tables, allowing users to build their own tables by selecting the data they are interested in and downloading it in an easy to use format for their own analysis. Small area census data is now also available on the new census mapping application on the CSO web site.


Ms Cullen concluded “Housing has played an important role in the economic fortunes of Ireland in recent years and this report provides important new information on this critical aspect of Irish life. Further details on census housing results are available in the census small area data which is available in the new mapping application (SAPMAP) on the CSO web site. Here, users can find detailed housing characteristics for a wide range of geographic areas from county level right down to town, electoral division and 18,488 Small Areas. This mapping application makes all the census variables available at local level right across the country and is an important step in bringing the data alive in a fresh and exciting way making it easier for all to access.”

full report at source:


European Commission ‘regrets’ bailout report leak | Irish Examiner

The European Commission has said it “regrets” the fact that a draft edition of its latest report on Ireland’s bailout progress was leaked.

The document suggests ending the automatic entitlement to a medical card for those out of work, and questions whether the dole should be cut according to how long a person has been unemployed.

The draft also indicates that Irish households will begin paying water charges in January 2014

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European Commission ‘regrets’ bailout report leak | Irish Examiner.


Need any more proof that the gombeens in the Dail are getting their orders from Brussels???Our people have become financial servicing slaves to the gambling faceless money men in Europe.Every one of the members of the Irish government has sold us and our country out! Where are the fighting Irish ??? The republic is no more!

The Story of Ireland 1of5 Age of Invasions

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