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“deeply depressing”.

THE sight of  thousands of people marching to support for disgraced businessman Sean Quinn has been described as “deeply depressing”.

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Bankrupt Quinn was defiant last night as he rolled out a line of GAA celebrities, including Mickey Harte, Colm O’Rourke and Sean Boylan, to address up to 4,000 people in Cavan.

But a former Dublin GAA chief has sharply criticised the top sports figures for giving public support to the embattled Quinn business dynasty.

Fine Gael Councillor John Bailey, who was chairman of Dublin GAA’s County Board for 11 years, said today he was “shocked” by the support of GAA figures for Sean Quinn.



And Dublin TD Olivia Mitchell said: “I have absolutely no sympathy for the Quinn family

full article at source: http://www.herald.ie/news/gaa-celebs-slammed-for-backing-quinn-as-4000-turn-out-for-rally-3183936.html


Unbelievable 4000 thousand people come out and support a family whose members were convicted of trying to defraud the Irish citizens of millions. If anyone of these Gom***** just read this information they should ask themselves what in God’s name were they thinking of? It is because of people Like Quinn and the corrupt corporate system in Ireland we are now saddled with the Troika and loss of our National financial independence. We are stuck with a generation if not more of penal taxes and he and his family will not be visiting a dole office anytime soon .I wonder how many of these fools are languishing on the dole? Don’t they know they are paying for this man’s greed and gambling debts???  Until we, the Irish people stop supporting, Corruption, Gombeenisem, stroke politicians ,parish-pump conmen and gangsters we will only stay in the depressed state we are now in .God I was hoping we were as a people were now waking up and copping on to ourselves, but I was obviously wrong! These 4000 people either cannot read or are just plain stupid! This is an affront to every  Irish taxpayer !

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