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OPINION: Ireland is heading for bankruptcy, which would be catastrophic for a country that trades on its reputation as a safe place to do business, writes MORGAN KELLY

WITH THE Irish Government on track to owe a quarter of a trillion euro by 2014, a prolonged and chaotic national bankruptcy is becoming inevitable. By the time the dust settles, Ireland’s last remaining asset, its reputation as a safe place from which to conduct business, will have been destroyed.

Ireland is facing economic ruin.

While most people would trace our ruin to to the bank guarantee of September 2008, the real error was in sticking with the guarantee long after it had become clear that the bank losses were insupportable. Brian Lenihan’s original decision to guarantee most of the bonds of Irish banks was a mistake, but a mistake so obvious and so ridiculous that it could easily have been reversed. The ideal time to have reversed the bank guarantee was a few months later when Patrick Honohan was appointed governor of the Central Bank and assumed de facto control of Irish economic policy.

full article at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2011/0507/1224296372123.html


We have the same Bankers, and Government ministers all telling us that referendum must be passed in order to stabilize our Finances .We the people have put our thrust in them and  time after time we have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and conned into an austerity trap that will continue for the next generation .These people are advocating we vote yes .I call on all independent minded citizens to look at the real facts and search the web for the truth..

I am calling for a NO Vote; we are simply not in a position to continue to pay corrupt bankers, politicians, and their l vested interests groups, lottery salaries and pensions .In order to continue to do this we are allowing the destruction of our communities as the funds needed to support our communities is siphoned away to pay these leaches .We must stand up and say enough is enough , these criminals must be brought to justice and these so called experts should be hounded out of all government offices and taken off the national airwaves and replaced with more of the independent voices like Morgan Kelly .

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