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The economic world’s shift in balance towards the East and South is making the IMF increasingly irrelevant to economic and fiscal thinkers, a qualitative study conducted by The Slog suggests.

Last weekend and during the early part of this week, I devoted some time to taking the temperature of the IMF among economists, traders, senior executives in commerce and the odd politician here and there. The territories covered were the UK, France, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Spain, the US and Mexico. We’re talking small-scale research here, so the findings come with a big health-warning; also some key States like Brazil, Argentina and Italy weren’t included. But the consistency of findings will come as a shock to some, I think.

The attitudes ranged from visceral dislike in southern Europe to a general feeling of anti-BRIC bias in developing areas – and perhaps very significant, a sense that the IMF is underfunded and ‘lightweight’ from opinion leaders in the larger territories.

full article at source:http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/euroblown-exclusive-power-draining-away-from-the-imf-19/

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