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By Christopher M. Quigley B.Sc., M.M.I.I., M.A.

17th. April 2012

Morals matter. Moral leadership is fundamental. It is sad that a humble lowly citizen must make this point explicit to his government.

Following very expensive public tribunals certain people of Irish birth were found to have acted corruptly.In summary lest we forget:

Bertie Ahern was found corrupt.

Padge Flynn was found corrupt.

Dennis O’Brien was found corrupt.

Michael Lowry was found corrupt.

These individuals should beshunned by elected politicians if not privately then definitely publically.This is normal operating procedure in a modern parliamentary democracy. In particular with the case of Michael Lowrey, the latter individual mentioned above, the following point mustbe stressed. The fact that a “crook” has been elected to a parliament does not mean they should be given access to power. In Austria a group of rightwing radicals were elected. The European Commission refused to meet orrecognize this group even when they went into a power coalition. This action bythe commission forced a change of leadership of this radical group. Similar moral action must be brought to bear in the Irish house of government lest that hallowed body lose all respect from the struggling people of Ireland.

One final point. Alan Shatter, a man I have great respect for, has completely lost his moral focus.Mr Shatter is Minister for Justice and Minister of Defence. The courts look tohim for representation. The army looks to him for representation. The Garda Siochana look to him for representation yet he cannot say whether or not he gave representation to a “crook”.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Dail, please reflect on this issue. It is fundamental. If the Dail continues to be brought into disrepute by Dail members openly associating with crooks of the Lowry and the O’Brien type folks in Ireland will start to vote with passive resistance rather that with active voting. A tipping point is quickly beingreached.

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  1. Excellent as usual !!!

  2. Micky Mac said:

    I agree with your article. What in fact has happened over quite a few years was a general decline in moral standards, and integrity especially in our so-called leadership. Things might have been far from perfect years ago, but the arrival of Haughey was in my opinion the beginning of the national cancer that has gone unchecked ever since, and it continues to this day.
    The downright lies, and spin continuously fed to the people is an appalling indictment of political parties. These are people who present themselves to their people for election, and if successful it is perfectly normal for them to become arrogant, and elitist. It took FF about 7 years to become extremely arrogant, but the present Government managed it in one year. There is no conscience about doing wrong or misleading people who entrusted their power in them.
    Society mimics government, if you have good government then you have a better society. Some years ago a County Councillor was convicted of getting a fence erected around his property at cost to the council, he was re-elected in spite of being convicted. Back a few years ago a FF politician swore an affidavit, which he had to retract later when he was proven wrong, he too was re-elected. The same goes for Lowry, and others. What does this tell us about Irish politics? It tells us that the bigger the rogue one is, the better the chances are of getting elected. Its all about swinging favours, pulling strokes and being less than honest, and that mirrors the society we have, otherwise why would these people get elected again and again.

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