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The mystery of Ruairi Quinn’s unusually high mileage has finally been solved, as he was claiming for trips to and from his holiday home.

Mr Quinn, when interviewed on RTE and Newstalk last month, explained that the reason the claims were so high was because officials used the car and not all official travel was marked in his diary.

The background to this story is here and here and his diary entries and expense claims can be found in previous posts on thestory.ie here and here.

Copies of expense claims submitted by his driver now show that the main reason his mileage was so high in July and August was because he was claiming for trips to and from Roundstone, Co Galway where he has a holiday home.

In total, there were 12 claims either to and from Galway, many of them listed as Roundstone.

In many of the cases, the car would travel to Galway to collect him and bring him to events.

On a couple of occasions, it appears as if Mr Quinn was simply driven to Roundstone with no official business listed for those days.

Mr Quinn also made a claim for mileage (while his driver claimed subsistence) for the Labour Party think-tank in Tullow, Co Carlow last year

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