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Last evening , I got a real shock .I was invited by my next door neighbour   to a glass of wine  as we discussed the general financial health of Germany I was shocked to hear that he was going to have to pay (wait for it ) “Rain tax” Yes you heard it here first Germany is introducing Rain tax. Households will be charged for the collection of rain water and this must be done by putting in place a collection system for this water that will separate it from the waste water coming from washing machines and toilet and shower waste water. This is apparently a new rule coming from Europe and the Germans public have already accepted that this has to happen. I asked some friends about this and they were not fazed by this new tax.

Last Wednesday I went to my local “cafe Central “for breakfast apart from the charcoaled bacon the breakfast was fine I am able to browse the web with my I- Touch and with an app called “face time” I am if I am lucky call up my daughter Lauren and talk to her for free .But she has to be near a wifi hot spot to receive my call on her I-Touch .

On Monday  I heard over the radio that in one day 11,000 people were to lose their jobs as a large company went into bankruptcy ( A Company called” Schnecker”) also in the news was the constant increases of petrol .Sometimes the price can change two or three times in one day at the petrol stations .The last I saw the price for petrol here was 1.69 – to 1.71  but I have seen it even higher ,again I have asked fiends about this but they just say that is the price they must pay .What a compliant bunch?

Friday afternoon the German Bundesbank  refused to accept Greek, Irish or Portuguese sovereign/bank bonds. This is a severe blow to the Euro zone which will have massive repercussions. I haven’t heard anything in the main media about this development but believe me we are about to see the S*** hit the fan! If you are in Bank stocks get hedged now!

Last Saturday we had a demonstration hear in the town of Lubeck by the local Nazis, apparently it was 70 years ago the RAF bombed the city in preparation of a much bigger attack on Hamburg later on .The Locals seem to want to ignore the Nazis and some of the churches has counter demonstrations arranged .I went into one of the largest churches here called the Marine Church. Seventy years ago the building was badly destroyed and the bell tower was destroyed .One of the bells fell to the ground and it was decided to let it stay where it fell and to this day it still is to be seen where it fell (see photos) This church took 100 years to build in the first place and after the war it took I am told nearly twenty years to rebuild..

The local council are busy getting the town ready for the hordes of tourists that will be coming to Lubeck from May on and I got a taste of what Lubeck is Like when the sun comes out ,believe me it is wonderful ,cafes everywhere and the fabulous old buildings give a medieval feel all around the town. The last few days we had a change in the weather, strong cold winds swept around the town and I had to don my winter coat once again .To-day Monday the 2nd April is a cold day and overcast .

Just listening to the news and we have a scandal of German Finance spies been caught having bribed bank staff in Switzerland .The boys have lodes of data on tax evasion of rich Germans who were trying to hide their millions from the German tax system .I wonder if the Irish government would do something like this to go after the millions that have been hidden by rich Irish developers in Switzerland?  Fat Chance!

More to come in next posting!

19.30 Up date

Believe it or not, my crock of a bicycle was stolen from outside the local folk’s schule in the Hux Str, what a bummer!


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