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I am just too upset to even start and put my thought to this .I will say what I have been saying for over four years now
“Wake up Ireland and get up off your knees”
and kick the leaches in the Dail out and take back our country from the Gombeens in there!

Thank God for Vincent Browne!

Sunday Morning

Greetings  from Lubeck!

Here is a perfect example of a politician not answering a simple question All of the current established political parties are really the same .In it for what they can get out of the system. This Twit was voted in to office by idiots’ and the same idiots’ are now complaining about the incompetence of the current crowd of gangsters in the government. Until the Irish people get up off their knees and start demanding  100% accountability from the politicians they elect we are only going to continue to get gombeens like this twit on TV waffling crap .Why are we not out on the streets burning down this rat infested building called Lenster House ????The ignorance of this particular politician is mind boggling.

Ordinary people are left to fend for themselves, the old and the sick are been tossed aside ,critical social services are been cut back and I have no doubt that people have died as a result. We have an obligation to look after the less well off in our society .The social services and community services are crucial to the well being of any community .we must not tolerate gombeens  and  cancers  like this politician to try and put a veneer of respectability on the wholesale robbery of our Nations finances. The true disaster for our country is the emergence of a political class who have absolutely no loyalty to the people, they have one loyalty and that is to themselves and their vested interests. These politicians using names like the” Labour party” (for example) are akin to wolves in sheep’s clothing.

None of the established political parties represents the interests of the people; they are all self publicists, arrogant and downright liars. Remember “not one red cent more to the Banks” .Or “Labours way or no way “.No my friends we are alone and these public leaches are feeding on our live carcases. We in the small communities must pull together and get real honest decent people to represent us in a new modern parliament that will have all the checks and balances perhaps some like the Swiss have, we the people must take action and we must now dispense with these spineless, gutless political leaches that infest the Dail.

The billions that have been paid out have been stolen from the future of our children.  Thousands of our citizens will be leaving our shores in the weeks and months to come because of no vision or realistic future in their own country. The everlasting game of blame the last crowd is now worn out and we need to see to it that honest decent trustworthy people are elected to defend our rights enshrined in our constitution.

Citizens of Ireland,

Get up off your knees and take back your country from the likes of this career political leach!

Christy Moore—Ride on

Spain’s Collapse is No Little Thing

A logo of the Standard & Poor's AA- rating

A logo of the Standard & Poor's AA- rating (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the Daily Bell

S&P cuts Spain’s credit rating by two notches to BBB+ … Standard & Poor’s cut Spain’s sovereign debt rating Thursday by two notches, warning that the government’s budget situation is worsening and that is likely to have to prop up its banks. S&P cut the country’s rating to BBB-plus and added a negative outlook, saying it expected the Spanish economy to shrink both this year and next, raising more challenges for the government. Esther Barranco, a spokeswoman for the Economy Ministry, told Reuters: “They haven’t taken into consideration the reforms put forward by the Spanish government, which will have a strong impact on Spain’s economic situation.” S&P also said that eurozone-wide polices were failing to boost confidence and stabilize capital flows, and that the region needed to find ways to directly support banks so that governments were not forced to take on those burdens themselves.” – UK Telegraph

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/3838/Spains-Collapse-is-No-Little-Thing


The dictates from Berlin regarding the Austerity measures are causing enormous hardship on people and it is also strangling any attempt by the same people to conduct business. The cost base is out of whack with local economies .We are forced to use an overpriced currency. Anywhere else in the world if you take on austerity you also devalue your currency .This has the effect of bringing down the cost of creating employment for foreign companies and with this advantage in time you offset the effects of the austerity by supplying new employment opportunities and thus create demand in the domestic economy .We have now gone through four years of severe austerity in Ireland and things are only getting worse. Austerity alone is not working !

There is no demand in the local economy, fear has taken hold and people are holding on to every penny they have for fear of getting their P45 someday. There are no realistic job opportunities for people in their 40, and without any massive investment by the government in up-skilling or re-education, things are looking bleak to say the least .We need massive investment in people and not in Banks. The faceless moneymen are now controlling the corridors of power in Brussels and democracy is losing ground.

In Ireland we are under the power of puppets that have no say in the running of our country. Even the latest text in the referendum we are about to vote on has had no Irish political input it was dictated from the ministry of finance in Berlin. The sham of going to the polls and been told we are an independent nation is an insult to the dead of 1916 who fought for an independent republic. The spineless politicians in government are nothing more than collaborators for the new masters of Europe in Berlin,

They deserve to be hounded out of office and jailed for their treachery!


One interesting point on Fiscal Compact, folks


One interesting point on Fiscal Compact, folks. The 1/20th adjustment rule has been interpreted widely as the rule requiring states with debt/GDp ratio in excess of 60% to reduce their debt levels by 1/20th of the gap between their existent debt level and the 60% bound. However, the Treaty itself states: “the obligation for those Contracting Parties whose general government debt exceeds the 60 % reference value to reduce it at an average rate of one twentieth per year as a benchmark” (page T/SCG/en5). In other words, there is a big gap between interpretation and reality.
Hat-tip for this discovery goes to Peter Mathews, TD

full article at source: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.de/

Always look on the bright side of life

Latest from the Slog!

Various Euro bills.

Various Euro bills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From The slog

“The fiscal pact is negotiated, it was signed by 25 government leaders and has already been ratified by Portugal and Greece. Parliaments across Europe are on the verge of passing it. Ireland is having a referendum at the end of May. It is not open to new negotiations.”

Ze diskussion iss closst. But Ireland is having a referendum on it. So 25 government leaders could become 24. Indeed, the latest poll says that this will probably happen.

Ze diskussion iss closst. But that means one of the signatories will have negotiated an exit from the Union. So the discussion clearly isn’t closed.

Ze diskussion iss closst. But Greece looks set to elect a majority of Parties against the Troika bailout. And they’ve ratified the Union pact. So the Greek people are negotiating to unratify it – because they can’t accept the bailout AND join the Union.

Ze diskussion iss closst. And Spain has already told you where to stick your austerity targets. So it is negotiating about the ability to negotiate with the Union.

full article at source: http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/a-new-word-is-invented-the-oxymerkel-15/

Seeking Clarification Please!

EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner

EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


From :Christopher M. Quigley

to: Thomas For your attention:

Sent To All Dail Member Today:

“Pacta Sunt Servanda”

“Article 4 states that a country must not have a debt bigger than 60%of what it produces in a year (its GDP). If it does, it must reduce its debt byone-twentieth of the excess each year. This is an existing EU rule.”

Seeking ClarificationPlease.  This is my understanding ofArticle 4 of the Stability Treaty and its implications for the Irish economy.If I am wrong will somebody please elucidate.

Theabove statement regarding Article 4 is on the Government’s referendum  website. Please notice that it says that the60% provision relating to GDP and debt level is ” an existing rule”.

CurrentlyIreland is breaking this rule but has had bonds backed by the old”Stability Facility”.

Underthe new treaty we are told the letter of the law will be applied. (“PactaServa Sunt”: Olli Rehn is so quoted as saying that the Euro Community”is a community of laws” and as such “all written commitmentsmust be fully adhered to”).  Thusgoing forward, under the new paradigm, Ireland will not be allowed to havetotal government borrowings in excess of 60% of GDP. Ergo:


Our total debt isapprox:               148 Billion Euro

Our GDP is approx:                      156Billion Euro

60% of GDP is approx:                  94 Billion Euro

GDP Austerity Cutsapprox:            54 Billion Euroover 20 years which means 2.7 Billion a    year.

Source:  CSO Press Release November 2011. Seeattachment.


Thus additional cutsof 2.7 Billion Euro will have to be added to the cuts already beingadministered by the Troika. When this IMF/ECB/EU facility expires in 2013yearly “GDP Austerity Cuts” in addition to the current “FiscalBudget Austerity Cuts” will apply for the foreseeable future (possibly for20 years or as long as 60% Gross Gov. Debt/GDP deficit applies). Given that major economies are now in doubledip recessions it is unlikely that “growth” will be able to mitigatethese cuts which now have to be set in unbreakable constitutional terms. Ittherefore appears to me that this treaty is an “austerity treaty”

and it would appearthat this is why it was not backed by Britain and is being fought against byHolland, France and Spain as we speak.

Thanking you all foryour assistance in this critical matter.

Keiser report 280

Spot the difference the dinosaurs and the political dinosaurs

Spot the difference, the dinosaurs and the political dinosaurs!

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