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That’s what it says on the final reminder to pay your Household Charge (the new property tax being introduced here in Ireland). They manage to combine meaningless bullshit, calculated deceit and veiled threat all into one brief phrase. That shows flair.

Don’t pay the charge and your neighbors suffer, it seems to say. As if central government is lowering its funding to local authorities by precisely the amount the household charge should raise. Of course, central funding for local spending will be reduced by far more than the household charge was ever going to raise – even if everyone could pay, never mind will. The shortfall will eventually be made up by allowing local authorities to raise the charge. So central government can keep lowering its contribution, effectively raising taxes while avoiding blame.


source: http://i.doubt.it/2012/03/27/charge-of-the-lie-brigade/


This Poll tax is nothing short of state sponsored extortion, racketeering and state bullyboy tactics now seem to be the order of the day! You have got it in one ,the gangsters and sell-outs in the current government, whom by the way, have abandoned their duty to uphold the interests of the Irish people, have instead allied themselves with the ever increasing dictates coming from “our friends” in Berlin)

These gutless politicians are using this as an excuse to starve the local councils of funds and shove the dirty work(of tax collection) on to the shoulders of council workers by making them call to citizens doors “reminding” them to pay this unjust poll tax. This is just the start of an ever increasing annual tax that home owners can look forward in the future. All taxes that are raised are going towards the interest payments on the private debts that were foisted on to the Irish citizens.

These debts may I remind everyone  are private bank losses “Odious Debt” that the Irish taxpayers have no responsibility for .The blatant blackmail of our country be the servants of Deutsche Bank in the ECB have ensured that our small country will have to endure a generation of financial slavery as a result of our gutless politicians and their absolute betrayal of their constitutional duty to put the interests of the people of Ireland before the interests of Berlin and its banker dictatorship.

This Government has no right to impose this odious debt on to the Irish Nation and they certainly do not have the right to impose unjust taxes on behalf of foreign interests that are destroying the very fabric of our communities .We need to come together and fight for our rights enshrined in our constitution!

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  1. Excellent Job! Keep up the good work!

  2. There is good reason why you should be annoyed at this government. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Emperor’s new clothes. It is a story of two swindlers who persuaded the king to buy a suit that was supposed to be invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. So everyone pretended they could see the suit. But when the Emperor paraded before his subjects in his new clothes, a child cries out, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”
    To bring the story up-to-date we have the swindlers (bankers) who made the politicians believe that they should take ownership of a bank (Anglo Irish) which had no assets (the invisible bank). They persuaded the politicians and most people that they would be unfit, stupid and incompetant if they did not pay billions to the bankers(swindlers) for this invisible bank.. Unfortunately we are still waiting foe a child to say that the politians have nothing to show for squandered exchequer funds except their stupidity, incompetence and corruption.

    • Thank you for your comment, this Blog has been doing just that for the past 3 years but in this case the stupid people are not prepared to listen, despite the facts been right before their eyes. A comment from Liam amply expresses the calamity we now find ourselves in.

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