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How To Bring Down the System, Any System, Non-violently

By: Gary_North

When we think of   institutional tyrannies, few come close to matching the system of concentration   camps in the Soviet Union: the Gulag. They operated from 1918 until after the   Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991. It took time to close them in   1992.

In his book, To   Build a Castle, Vladimir Bukovsky provides one of the finest   descriptions of institution-jamming ever recorded. He organized it.

What you are about to read   is like nothing you have ever read. I have spent over 45 years studying   bureaucracies in theory and practice. I have seen nothing to match   it.

Bukovsky spent well over a   decade in the Soviet gulag concentration camp system in the 1960s and 1970s. He   was arrested and sentenced in spite of specific civil rights protections   provided by the Soviet Constitution – a document which was never respected by   the Soviet bureaucracy. But once in prison, he learned to make life miserable   for the director of his camp.

He learned that written   complaints had to be responded to officially within a month. This administrative   rule governing the camps was for “Western consumption,” but it was nevertheless   a rule. Any camp administrator who failed to honor it risked the possibility of   punishment, should a superior (or ambitious subordinate) decide to pressure him   for any reason. In short, any failure to “do it by the book” could be used   against him later on.

Bukovsky became an   assembly-line producer of official protests. By the end of his career as a   “zek,” he had taught hundreds of other inmates to follow his lead. By following   certain procedures that were specified by the complaint system, Bukovsky’s   protesting army began to disrupt the whole Soviet bureaucracy. His camp clogged   the entire system with protests – hundreds of them per day. He estimates that   eventually the number of formal complaints exceeded 75,000. To achieve such a   phenomenal output, the protestors had to adopt the division of labor. Bukovsky   describes the process: “At the height of our war, each of us wrote from ten to   thirty complaints a day. Composing thirty complaints in one day is not easy, so   we usually divided up the subjects among ourselves and each man wrote on his own   subject before handing it around for copying by all the others. If there are   five men in a cell and each man takes six subjects, each of them has the chance   to write thirty complaints while composing only six himself.”

full article at source:http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article33659.html


American’s Asleep At the Wheel Driving Into Debt Slavery

By: James_Quinn

Americans have an illogical  love affair with their vehicles. There are 209 million licensed drivers in the  U.S. and 260 million vehicles. The U.S. has a higher number of motor vehicles  per capita than every country in the world at 845 per 1,000 people. Germany has  540; Japan has 593; Britain has 525; and China has 37. The population of the  United States has risen from 203 million in 1970 to 311 million today, an  increase of 108 million in 42 years. Over this same time frame, the number of  motor vehicles on our crumbling highways has grown by 150 million. This might  explain why a country that has 4.5% of the world’s population consumes 22% of  the world’s daily oil supply. This might also further explain the Iraq War, the  Afghanistan occupation, the Libyan “intervention”, and the coming war with  Iran

Automobiles have been a  vital component in the financial Ponzi scheme that has passed for our economic  system over the last thirty years. For most of the past thirty years annual  vehicle sales have ranged between 15 million and 20 million, with only  occasional drops below that level during recessions. They actually surged  during the 2001-2002 recession as Americans dutifully obeyed their moron President  and bought millions of monster SUVs, Hummers, and Silverado pickups with 0%  financing from GM to defeat terrorism. Alan Greenspan provided the fuel, with  ridiculously low interest rates. The Madison Avenue media maggots provided the  transmission fluid by convincing millions of willfully ignorant Americans to  buy or lease vehicles they couldn’t afford. And the financially clueless dupes  pushed the pedal to the metal, until everyone went off the cliff in 2008.

America is proving  itself to be insane as described by Albert Einstein:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting  different results.”

The 2008 cataclysm was  created by the voracious greed and avarice of Wall Street, sustained by corrupt  politicians in Washington, non-existent regulation by banking regulators,  Federal Reserve easy money policies, unspoken guarantees of Fed bailouts if  Wall Street excess risk taking blew up, and millions of delusional Americans  with an unlimited credit line. Excessive debt created the problem. Adding debt  is the present solution to the problem. And the accumulation of debt will lead  to a tipping point that destroys the U.S. dollar and topples the Great American  Empire

full article at source:http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article33668.html

Charge of the Lie brigade

That’s what it says on the final reminder to pay your Household Charge (the new property tax being introduced here in Ireland). They manage to combine meaningless bullshit, calculated deceit and veiled threat all into one brief phrase. That shows flair.

Don’t pay the charge and your neighbors suffer, it seems to say. As if central government is lowering its funding to local authorities by precisely the amount the household charge should raise. Of course, central funding for local spending will be reduced by far more than the household charge was ever going to raise – even if everyone could pay, never mind will. The shortfall will eventually be made up by allowing local authorities to raise the charge. So central government can keep lowering its contribution, effectively raising taxes while avoiding blame.


source: http://i.doubt.it/2012/03/27/charge-of-the-lie-brigade/


This Poll tax is nothing short of state sponsored extortion, racketeering and state bullyboy tactics now seem to be the order of the day! You have got it in one ,the gangsters and sell-outs in the current government, whom by the way, have abandoned their duty to uphold the interests of the Irish people, have instead allied themselves with the ever increasing dictates coming from “our friends” in Berlin)

These gutless politicians are using this as an excuse to starve the local councils of funds and shove the dirty work(of tax collection) on to the shoulders of council workers by making them call to citizens doors “reminding” them to pay this unjust poll tax. This is just the start of an ever increasing annual tax that home owners can look forward in the future. All taxes that are raised are going towards the interest payments on the private debts that were foisted on to the Irish citizens.

These debts may I remind everyone  are private bank losses “Odious Debt” that the Irish taxpayers have no responsibility for .The blatant blackmail of our country be the servants of Deutsche Bank in the ECB have ensured that our small country will have to endure a generation of financial slavery as a result of our gutless politicians and their absolute betrayal of their constitutional duty to put the interests of the people of Ireland before the interests of Berlin and its banker dictatorship.

This Government has no right to impose this odious debt on to the Irish Nation and they certainly do not have the right to impose unjust taxes on behalf of foreign interests that are destroying the very fabric of our communities .We need to come together and fight for our rights enshrined in our constitution!

Governor Patrick Honohan before the Oireachtas

By Namawinelake

Aliens appear to have been at work in Ireland in the past fortnight. Deputy Peter Mathews seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth shortly after his 6.30am dawn carpeting last Thursday week by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, after Peter had, the previous evening, tabled a proposal at an Oireachtas committee meeting to summon governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, Professor Patrick Honohan before that committee to give an account of the work underway to reduce the cost of the Anglo promissory notes. So Peter was probably given a stern warning by Enda and told to stay away from the media. Maybe. But where is the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan who last Wednesday night barged into the Dail where Private Members’ Business was taking place, where against protocol, the Minister gave a brief statement on the Anglo promissory note negotiations and left. He turned up again on Friday morning when he told the media he was “confident” of a deal “over the weekend”.

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/

Merkel’s search for a Europe of multicultural Germans is more dangerous than anything since the Anschluss.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo s...

The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo shows a part of a public photo documentation wall at Former Check Point Charlie, Berlin. The photo documentation is permanently placed in the public. Türkçe: Berlin Duvarı, 1989 sonbaharı (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By The SlogI spent a weekend of glorious sunshine rediscovering places I don’t visit very often, and speaking at length with Germans. One of them pointed me at a book by the former Money Programme presenter Alan Watson, called simply The Germans. Written during the year or two following German reunification, it displays all the optimism of that time.

Correctly predicting that a united Germany would become the powerhouse of Europe, the book nevertheless makes not a single mention of monetary union – or even the idea of it. 1992 is only twenty years ago, and we’ve had the accursed euro for ten of those. So it just goes to show how quickly the egomaniacs got it onto the EU’s agenda – and how hastily the entire potty scheme was put together.

But the most significant thing in the book is the reverence the author pays to the German Constitution, and the Basic Law as enshrined in, and protected by, the Karlsruhe Court. No Party or Leader would dare question Karlsruhe, he opined, or try to change anything fundamental in the Constitution. The days of politicians ignoring the law or changing it on a whim were gone forever. Clearly, the one thing Watson didn’t expect was that a former DDR apparatchik would be Chancellor before another fifteen years were out -and the most powerful politician in Europe. An Osti who, in her adolescence, had been a hardline Communist Youth Organiser in charge of propaganda.

full article at source:http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/analysis-merkels-search-for-a-europe-of-multicultural-germans-is-more-dangerous-than-anything-since-the-anschluss/

Saudi Arabia: House of Saud, Falling House of Cards

Flag Saudi Arabia

Flag Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: erjkprunczyk)

By: Washingtons_Blog

Saudi rulers are struggling to contain a new wave of public protests that has erupted across the Arabian kingdom as security forces open fire on unarmed civilians.

The big question: is the House of Saud finally beginning to collapse like the fragile house of cards that this creaking, ruling monarchy represents?


The irony is rich indeed. For the past year, the Saudi rulers have done their utmost to crush the slightest dissent in their country, while at the same time they have backed Western interference, aggression and regime change in Libya and Syria – under the guise, wait for it, of advocating democratic freedom and human rights.

At least two people have been reported dead from Saudi police violence against an outpouring of crowds who have taken to the streets in the kingdom – a female student and a man, described as a well-known human rights activist, are the latest victims. Many others have been injured or arrested as state security forces mobilise in what appears to be a desperate bid by the rulers to contain spreading protests.

The irony is that Saudi Arabia is one of the most vocal members of the Arab League to denounce Syria for alleged human rights violations against protesters in that country. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has even called on Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad to step down and give way to greater democratic reforms.

The irony comes in at least two parts: Saudi’s King Abdullah presides over an absolute monarchy that is brutally suppressing all and any peaceful dissent in his country calling for democracy; and, two, Saudi Arabia is funding and arming subversive groups in Syria who are accused of committing assassinations, kidnappings and many other terrorisms to bring down the secular Assad government.

For the past year, Saudi Arabia – the world’s biggest oil producer and a key Western ally – has witnessed persistent protests against the ruling House of Saud.

Up to now, the demonstrations calling for democratic freedoms have been mainly located in Saudi’s oil-rich Eastern Province, principally in the city of Qatif.

But, most worryingly for US-backed King Abdullah and his entourage of brothers and half-brothers, there is this week growing public dissent in all quarters of the kingdom.

Major street demonstrations are reported in the capital, Riyadh, in the Central Province. Protests are also taking off in the north, such as the city of Ar’ar, the western port of Jeddah and in the southern university city of Abha.

When other Arab countries saw mass protests last year against their dictatorial rulers, Saudi Arabia was also embroiled in the regional ferment. However, Saudi Arabia appeared peripheral to the momentous changes sweeping the Arab region with few media reports of any substantive popular uprising.

This can be explained partly by the ruthlessness of the Saudi authorities in crushing any incipient sign of protest in the kingdom. At least 10 people have been killed over the past year from Saudi state forces attacking peaceful demonstrations. Another explanation for the apparent low-key public protests in Saudi Arabia is the under-reporting of such events by the Western mainstream media.

The popular dissent in Saudi Arabia against its rulers is to be sure there; it is just not being reported by the Western corporate media. That is because Saudi Arabia is a major strategic ally of Western governments, for example in supplying oil, buying huge amounts of weapons, and advancing geopolitical agenda in support of the garrison state of Israel or facilitating the NATO conquest of Libya, hammering Syria, and trying to destabilise Iran.

The so-called free press and media in the West take tacit orders from their governments. The corporate media also take, depend on, lucrative advertising money from Saudi and Gulf Arab super rich entrepreneurs and state Sovereign Wealth Funds. Reporting on protests in Saudi Arabia and more especially reporting on state brutality is for the more accurately termed unfree media tantamount to cutting off the hand that feeds.

But, despite the suppression of protests and information, the people of Saudi Arabia are on the move against their Western-backed despotic rulers. And the grievances are as abundant as the oil in that country.

For a start, the Eastern Province has a large Shia Muslim population – perhaps 50 per cent compared with 10 per cent overall in Saudi Arabia. The Shia have been grossly discriminated against by the Wahhabi rulers of the House of Saud. Despite possessing the vast oil wealth of the Arabian Peninsula, poverty is rampant among the Eastern Province Shia.

Secondly, the Shia of Eastern Saudi Arabia are inflamed by the House of Saud’s invasion of neighbouring Bahrain and the ongoing brutal crackdown against the mainly Shia-led pro-democracy movement on that island. Recall that before the relatively recent imposition of European colonial boundaries, the people of Bahrain had close kinship with those of Eastern Saudi Arabia. It is not uncommon for families to have members in both territories until this day.

But the issue is much bigger than that. Right across Saudi Arabia, there are deep, seething grievances in the populace against the House of Saud, grievances that unite Shia, Sunni and non-religionists alike.

Despite Saudi Arabia’s vast oil wealth and official GDP per capita, unemployment and poverty are rampant. As with the other Gulf Arab countries, Saudi Arabia’s rulers rely on a slave labour economy recruited from South Asia and Africa. This means that many young Saudis have to endure a life of unemployment.

Other grievances include no elections and negligible freedom of expression – all forms of public protest are strictly banned; the state is run on an extreme Wahhabist application of Sharia law, where limbs are amputated for petty crimes and women are forbidden from driving cars because the kingdom’s religious police view that particular activity as being “unchaste”.

Nevertheless, the winds of change that have swept the region seem now to be assailing Saudi Arabia with increasing force.

While analysts have been focusing on the implications of a weakened Syria and Iran, the other side of coin has not received much attention. The fallout from a determined pro-democracy movement succeeding to overthrow the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia could be the surprise to rock the region, akin to the seismic event of the Iranian revolution in 1979.

Such an outcome would not be hard to contemplate. After all, Saudi Arabia as a state is a very recent and fragile construct. It was only formed in 1932 when imperialist Britain shoe-horned Ibn Saud into power against the Ottoman Empire and after the violent ouster of several tribal rivals.

Ever since, the House of Saud has ruled with fragile control over a fissile territory with deep, enduring tribal animosities. The present ailing and 87-year-old King Abdullah is one of 37 reputed sons of Ibn Saud. Rifts within the House of Saud and rivalries as to the successor of King Abdullah are constantly boiling. But even more explosive than these House of Saud tensions are those of the general population who are weary of dynastic, despotic rule.

A collapse of the House of Saud would have explosive consequences. How would the US-led warmongering towards Syria and Iran be conducted/blunted? How would that especial affront to international law and human rights, Israel, continue to survive? The price of oil would hit record levels beyond $150 a barrel and that would surely spell a coup de grace to the death-gasping capitalist world economy.


Residential Property in Ireland – things are still getting worse, faster


Residential Property Price Index for February is out today and, surprise, the property price deflation is accelerating.

  • All properties headline index now stands at 66.1 down from 67.6 in January 2012 and 80.4 in February 2011. So mom contraction of 2.22% in February 2012 makes this the fastest rate of monthly decline since March 2009 and the third fastest rate of monthly decline in history. Relative to peak, residential property price index is now down 49.35%. 12mo MA of monthly declines is at 1.62% and January-February average is at 2.05%. Year on year index is down 17.79%. Which is what it says on the tin – third month of accelerating declines in prices in a row.
  • House prices sub-index is now at 69.0 against January 2012 reading of 70.4 and February 2011 reading of 83.5. Monthly rate of decline in February was 1.99% – steeper than anything recorded since October 2011, marking third consecutive month of accelerating monthly drops. Year on year, the index is down 17.37%. Compared to peak valuations, house prices index is now 47.73% down.

full article at source:http://trueeconomics.blogspot.de/


We are still a long way from the bottom I had a quick look at the Daft website and I am still shocked at the asking prices of what can only be described as shoe boxes in Dublin. In and around Lubeck you can pick up a one bedroom apartment for about 45,000 euro .Yep we have a long way to go yet!


By The Slog

The illegally denied default of Greece entered a dramatic new phase this afternoon with the revelation by mainstream Greek public health website Health News that, shortly before midnight on March 8th – the eve of Greece’s psi completion on Friday March 9th – on average 70% of public utility funds in varous large, interest-bearing accounts at the Bank of Greece were raided. These included most of the State’s regional hospital budgets, various universities and (it is alleged) at least one utility company.

The shortfalls came to light late last week and this morning as various hospital purchasing cheques in particular began to bounce. The monies – estimated by one source to total some 1.4 billion euros – appear to have been used to pay off the tiny minority of private sovereign creditors who, under the original terms of their bond purchase, were entitled come what may to full payment of the bond’s yield entitlement.

full article at source:http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/exclusive-greek-government-robbed-public-institutions-to-complete-bond-swap/

Citizens must choose the leaders We need, not the ones They want

latest from the slog

Much of what follows is applied to a UK context. But it would apply equally to the US, the EU’s main leaders, and any other country with real global influence in one form or another.

Unless my logic and instincts are way, way off here, the growing unpopularity of the UK Coalition will accelerate during 2012-13 alongside the meltdown of the eurozone, and inevitably rising inflation. The exponentially increasing rate of those changes could cause mayhem beyond any of our imaginings. If you doubt this, just look at the effect upon voting intentions in the light of media-hysteria about The Granny Tax.

An ICM poll in the Sunday Telegraph shows Labour gaining two points, and the Tories losing two…as did the Libdems. So: Coalition -4, Opposition 2. 63% opposed the abolition of the age-related tax allowance in Osborne’s Budget.

YouGov for the Sunday Times has Labour seven points ahead of Camerlot at 42% – further evidence that the budget has produced a shift towards Labour.

full article at source:



Similar problems with the Irish political system, food or thought here?


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