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Can someone at your illustrious newspaper explain why the headline  changed from “EU fails to reach an agreement” to “Eurozone signs up to  closer ties” in the space of 10 minutes? Presumably because senior FT  management regarded the former as a nationalist distortion of the truth.  There was an agreement and a good one….it just did not include the  UK. No doubt various eminent commentators on the FT will now rant on  about how the agreement is incomplete, because, just like your failed  writer of headlines, they would rather see a glass half empty than half  full….especially when it comes to decisions which undermine the  economic theories of the nation state. With all the respect that I  believe the UK coalition government is due, what has happened here is  entirely due to the continuing rift in the Conservative Party, which,  logically, should be resolved by its break up….not the break up of the  Eurozone! – Financial Times feedback/Danny Barrs

see article at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/3334/Financial-Times-Changes-Article-Headline-on-EU-Three-Times

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  1. Bollucks! The euro is doomed, the EU is doomed, they float on a sea of debt which shall drown them all, including the UK and US, because the Fed (the so called American Central Bank, are we serious?) is apparently able to create euros out of thin air and lend them at interest to the rest of the doomed European countries, well their banking and currency systems anyway. What they all need is a damned good purging. Then we jail most and string up a few of the ring leaders in this mischievous misadventure we have been on since before 2000, going back many administrations, indeed to many secret and treasonous acts against the common ordinary people of this planet, ostensibly for our good, bollucks! For no one’s good but their damned evil selves! We should be reminded that godfather Bush had suggested that were the people to know the extent of the crimes committed against them that they would end up strung from lampposts. I don’t even think his suggestion was original either. Some other would be despot ruler of the world had something similar to say, perhaps it was Stalin or Lenin. Few know that during the 1920’s our beloved FDR, beloved of the liberal “oh so” clique, was working on Wall St. raising money to keep murderous Joe Stalin’s regime in foreign exchange. They all worked for the same gang back then too, the divide and conquer all seeing eye gang. Just letting people know is about all we can do right now except to prepare for the future probably harsh realities. We do have a solution, thankfully. Please read these:


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