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Republic of Telly – Damo & Ivor: Driving Lessons

Latest EU Bailout Deal Not Meant to Work?

by Staff Report at the daily Bell

Free-Market Analysis: The latest Eurocrat deal to salvage the euro (and perhaps the Union itself) is already falling apart and, as a result, the entire process is ever more publicly suspect. Is the idea to make the West so desperate that global governance becomes an attractive solution?

The dominant social theme is, of course, one of hope. The EU’s wise leaders have once again Saved the World. But we have expressed the idea previously that the disaster is being stage-managed to ensure that when Europe does fall apart, no one shall be to blame. The Eurocrats will be able to spread their hands, palms up, and say in unison, “Don’t blame us.”

Then, you see, the conversation shall turn to the IMF‘s SDR currency-in-waiting and how the IMF should serve as global central bank, dishing out its incomprehensible basket-fiat currency to all and sundry. This is perhaps the REAL plan – or one of several plans, as it looks more and more as if the euro is going the way of the Dodo.

It is nonetheless an emphatic defeat for the Anglosphere elites who are determined to create a one-world currency as part of a new world order. Regional agglomerations of nation-states are supposed to be stepping stones to this structure and they are in place around the world – from South America to Asia to Africa. But the main ones that count the most are (1) the European Union that is falling apart before our eyes and (2) the North American Union, which is in such bad odor that even Bilderberg Boy Rick Perry has to deny its evident and obvious reality.

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/3163/Latest-EU-Bailout-Deal-Not-Meant-to-Work

Another Paddy heading out !

I will be heading back over to Germany in a few days and I will do my best to post from there. I have purchased a new laptop an IBM Think Pad for the task. Whilst I was there the last time I could not get to grips with the German keypad and I was unable to get on to post ,so I am hoping this will solve the problem. As stated last week ,Germany is booming and I am hoping to get a German perspective about the imposition of Austerity measures and the Debt crises throughout Europe from ordinary Germans in the street.

I will not be in the country when the new measures will be announced for the next budget but I already know that it will be another Annus horribilis for the marginalised of our society and this budget will be approved by our champagne socialists propping up the blue shirts.I need to get away for a few weeks and so I am upping sticks and heading off . A good recharging of the batteries in sorely needed now If I could just win the lotto !

Max Keiser report 203

Irish presidency race

Thanks be to God the people of Ireland saw through the spin of Mr. Sean Gallagher and
the Quango Queen

I’m sure I wont be seeing either of them in the local dole queue anytime soon though!

Dunphy critical of O’Brien on final show

NEWSTALK PRESENTER Eamon Dunphy has accused station owner Denis O’Brien of despising journalism.

During his last programme yesterday morning, Mr Dunphy said on air that producers and younger reporters in Newstalk were being “intimidated and blackguarded” and his life was being made “impossible”.

His departure means the O’Brien company Communicorp, which owns Newstalk and Today FM, has lost its two most high-profile weekend presenters following the announcement earlier this month that Sam Smyth will no longer be presenting the Sunday Supplement show.

Communicorp difficulties have been accentuated by the announcement this week that Today FM chief executive Willie O’Reilly is leaving to join RTÉ as commercial director.

Mr O’Reilly has said his move is unrelated to his recent decision to drop presenter Sam Smyth from the radio station’s schedule.

full article here :http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2011/1031/1224306806555.html?via=mr


Here we have a glimpse of the powers of the man who has the lion’s
share of Irish media in his top pocket. Mr Eamon Dunphy’s pronouncements a bit
late coming and I for one am not impresses and not convinced that Eamon is suddenly
concerned about the lack of real competition in the Irish radio media. Eamon is an old hand in this game  and I have heard rumours that severe salary cuts were been demanded by the management of the station .Never the less it is high time that questions about Mr Denis O Brien’s control over this vital media are asked and  must be asked and indeed changes must be made it is not healthy for democracy to have one man have such control over this vital media. One thought I have why doesn’t Eamon set up his own radio station he could do worse. With the advent of World Wide Web, a web based radio station can be set up in a few minutes and I can see coming down the track new radios that can pick up such stations from your device in your
kitchen very soon !

Bloody sneeze

As an actual Fukushima worker warned one month ago,they are finally recognizing pollen may be the biggest menace for internal exposure.

Pollen directly gets into your lungs,nostrils,and all around in your body. It causes severe internal exposure.

Japanese Forestry Agency has finally started evaluating the risk but it seems too late.

Annually,pollen starts flying from December.

Because this is the first thing that’s ever happened to human-beings,there is no solid study.

However,according to the research conducted in last June by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology,Japanese cedar leaves contained 177,600 Bq/Kg at that time.

Considering that there has been more fallout since last June,the radiation level may be even higher.

full article at source:http://fukushima-diary.com/


Fitch Says 50% Greek Bond Haircut Would Be Default Event

By Jennifer Ryan

Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) — European leaders’ agreement on a 50
percent haircut on Greek bonds may create an event of default if investors
accept it, Fitch Ratings said in a statement today.

“The 50 percent nominal haircut on the proposed bond exchange
would be viewed by the agency as a default event under its Distressed Debt
Exchange criteria,” the statement said. While the accord is “a necessary step to
put the Greek sovereign’s public finances on a more sustainable footing,” Greece
will face “significant challenges” including ratios of government debt to gross
domestic product at “well over 100 percent even in a positive scenario.”

European officials concluded their 14th crisis summit in 21
months early yesterday in Brussels with an agreement that persuades investors in
Greek government bonds to write down half their holdings. Fitch said today that
more details are needed on the accord, which includes an increase in the
region’s rescue fund to 1 trillion euros ($1.4 trillion).

full article at source:http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-10-28/fitch-says-50-greek-bond-haircut-would-be-default-event.html

Did You Hear the One About the Bankers?



CITIGROUP is lucky that Muammar el-Qaddafi was killed when he was. The Libyan leader’s death diverted attention from a lethal article involving Citigroup that deserved more attention because it helps to explain why many average Americans have expressed support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. The news was that Citigroup had to pay a $285 million fine to settle a case in which, with one hand, Citibank sold a package of toxic mortgage-backed securities to unsuspecting customers — securities that it knew were likely to go bust — and, with the other hand, shorted the same securities — that is, bet millions of dollars that they would go bust.

full article at source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/30/opinion/sunday/friedman-did-you-hear-the-one-about-the-bankers.html?_r=2&src=ISMR_AP_LO_MST_FB

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