What is truth?

By Andrew Mann

I have been extremely interested in the global derivatives market ever since I
saw the documentary “Collapse.” I am not going to bore you with the details of
this documentary, but to summarize, the documentary focuses on the unsustainable
global dependence on oil supply (which is decreasing), and the unsustainable
nature of our current capitalistic society (topic for another day). In this
documentary the main character/pundit/whistleblower, Michael Ruppert, states
that the world derivatives market is in excess of $700 trillion. Needless to say
I was blown away by this amount, and I vowed to do some research and figure out
how there can be an active financial market 50 times that of the United States
Gross Domestic Product. I am not going to attempt to delve into the global
derivatives market as a whole. Instead, I will focus on the derivatives that are
written by U.S. commercial banks.

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When you read this you become aware of the utter hopelessness of the financial debts crises in the entire world. For years I have been trying to highlight the derivative activities of the Irish banks and their hidden massive losses .These losses are still been hidden in the IFSC one of the worlds biggest hot money safe havens .this is where despot dictators, drug barons and their likes have their ill-gotten billions “managed” by so called fund and asset management companies who give a venire of respectability to what is in fact money
laundering on a massive scale. Just take a stroll along the river Liffy and you
can see the glass palaces these blood drenched money launderers work in .


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