What is truth?

By paul maher

The rent our Government is paying Treasury Holdings (aka Johnny Ronan) for the new Convention Centre is €25 million per annum for the next twenty years. That’s €500million. This would make a significant dent in the nearly €1 billion (MoS) of Treasury debt that NAMA (We) took over.Lawyers would rightly claim reneging on this rent would be illegal. But the rule of law and the “Democratic” will of the people (remember Lisbon II ?) have been subverted and trampled into the ground by successive Bertie & Biffo led FF governments. With that in mind, I say “Go ahead! Divert the funds” into Government coffers along with the “sheltered” monies from other dodgy developers/builders/bankers.

As expected, this Government has turned out to be no different than the previous three. They promised to represent the “People” when in fact they now cowtow and genuflect to everyone and everything from the likes of Merkel, Sarkozy, Rehn, Johnny Ronan & Seanie Fitz, to the ECB/IMF, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank et al. Politicians are a global plague. If we can’t eradicate them, let us at least control them. In Switzerland, the People are in charge. We could do worse than follow their example!

Paul Maher,

Castle St., Roscrea,Co.Tipp


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