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NCT rip off (Another stealth tax on the motorists )

Well Lads I’m just back from the dreaded NCR rip off merchants
with the Wife’s Renault Scenic, having just paid 2000 euro in repairs I was confident the
car would pass. No such luck the damn thing failed because of the front light
was not in focus. Now did you ever hear of such nonsense. This is clearly a rip off.

On arriving back home I check all lights and all are working fine.(See photos) . I am going to have to go the Renault again and have the front light focus looked at and or repaired?????????????????????????????? .

This is a complete con job just another way of jacking up the profits of this cartel that runs this obvious rip off system. This NCT testing system should have an independent alternative instead of hapless citizen been ripped off by a company who are enjoying a monopoly they got from a corrupt government in the first place. For the foreseeable future
I can only see more and more motorists been forced off the roads because of
these con artistes.  So called health risks are been increasingly used as an excuse to fleece the citizens of this country!

PS: I just found out all cars over ten years have to have an annual
test from the 1st June 2011

See here http://www.ncts.ie/faq.html#3

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WicklowTennis Club

Wicklow Tennis Club renovations in progress

If you are passing Wicklow Tennis Club you will notice that it is undergoing major renovations .Work began Monday 5th Sept with the removal all the fencing, some of the
lights poles and the nets.The manhole covers around the club are to be replaced, the wall parallel to court 5&6 on the cul de sac is to be re-pointed and the wooden fence beside
court six is to be replaced. The cobble locking inside the railings on the road
side has been stripped and cleaned and the existing sporadic settlement has being
evenly sloped and four new planter beds have been created equally spaced along
the cobble-locking. The existing wall will has been lowered by one block and capped with pressure treated D rail with a rounded profile to provide further seating.

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Max Keiser report 190

The Minister for Finance, Mr Michael Noonan TD responds

Department of Finance                   Office of the Minister

UpperMerrion Street,                      http://www.irlgov.ie/finance

Dublin Ireland.Our Ref: 11/0035/MF 29 September 2011

Dear Mr Clarke

The Minister for Finance, Mr Michael Noonan TD, has asked me to thank you for your e-mail of 13 September regarding the media reports about the High Court case between the Dalys and NAMA, which seemed to suggest that NAMA was cutting a sweetheart deal in this case.  While the facts set out hereunder may or may not assuage your concerns in this matter, it is important to explain these facts to set some context at the very least.

The first point is that NAMA can only operate in accordance with the law in general and the provisions of the National Asset Management Act 2009 in particular. Section 211 of the NAMA Act was included specifically to deal with cases where assets were being transferred into the names of relatives in an attempt to hinder NAMA. This section providesthat in certain circumstances the High Court may, upon application by NAMA or a NAMA group entity, declare disposals of assets of debtors and guarantorsetc. to be void if the Court is satisfied that (i) the effect of that disposal is prejudicial to the acquisition by NAMA or a NAMA group entity of one or more bank assets and (ii) it is just and equitable to do so.

The second point is that Mr Frank Daly, the Chairman of NAMA has stated that as the agency is charged with maximizing the commercial return to the taxpayer, i.e., making the highest amount it can on the loans it is handling, it is regularly faced with difficult choices to make between working with a developer on his loans or foreclosing through the appointment of a receiver. The option selected by NAMA is whichever is likely to generate the higher return for the taxpayer. That is the basis for engaging with a borrower. It is certainly not corruption. This particular case was one where the borrower was resisting the attempts of NAMA (and also AIB) to appoint a receiver after attempts to reach a working agreement with the borrower had failed.

The third point is that to date NAMA has secured the reversal of a significant number of asset transfers as part of its business plan agreements with debtors. The Minister understands from NAMA that only a minority of debtors engaged in asset transfers to spouses, relatives or other parties but, in cases where it did occur, the reversal of such transfers is a key requirement imposed by NAMA before it can agree to a debtor’s business plan. Failure by a debtor to accept this requirement is likely to lead to enforcement action.

The final point is that the media reports have glossed over the fact that this was afailed attempt by the Dalys to prevent the appointment of receivers to their assets by NAMA and by AIB. They sought a High Court injunction against the appointment of the receivers and the Court refused their application. NAMA has confirmed that it is now examining all options for the repayment of the Daly loans and that any proposals made prior to the time of the appointment of receivers to the properties have been taken off the table.

Yours sincerely

Sean Kinsella

Private Secretary to the Minister for Finance




Dear Mr. Sean Kinsella,

May I ask you to pass on to the minister my thanks for your prompt and indebt response?

Best wishes

Thomas Clarke

Michael Moore – Occupy Wall Street will only get bigger

concern within the Government over Nama plans

CARL O’BRIEN, Chief Reporter

THERE IS concern within the Government that plans by the National Asset Management Agency to encourage the purchase of thousands of residential properties could artificially inflate the property market.

The agency wants to introduce a scheme where it would waive 20 per cent of the purchase price of a home on its books if values were to fall further over the next five years.

Nama has suggested the scheme could eventually apply to 5,000 houses and apartments

full article at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/frontpage/2011/0928/1224304858445.html?via=mr

NAMA’s negative equity mortgage product

By Namawinelake

The NAMA CEO, Brendan McDonagh delivered a speech to the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) in Salthill this morning in which he gave further details of the NAMA negative equity mortgage product. It is, said Brendan, hoped that the new mortgage product will be trialled in Q4, 2011 (which starts in a couple of days) and Q1, 2012 and will cover 750 properties initially. There have been discussions with AIB, Bank of Ireland and Permanent TSB but Brendan wasn’t giving any further details this morning. There is strong speculation that the negative equity product will resemble the product launched by financial services group, IFG three weeks ago.

full article at source: https://mail.google.com/mail/?hl=en&shva=1#inbox/132b0038b4376782

Tonight with Vincent Browne

With Michael Martin outlining the debt of the financial crises in the Dail yesterday I am
reminded again of the incompetence of our politicians. This “wait and see policy” is unbelievable.We should be making it clear to the cowboys in Europe that we will expect to
get the same deal Greece is about to get (Up to 50% discount on the odious debt
that has been forced on to the shoulders of our people).

We are facing a disaster and Kenny and the boys are sitting in their plush arm chairs and
looking on as our future is been decided without any input of the Irish government
is ludicrous. Our debt situation is hopeless and not sustainable as Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev explains.

see link to video clip: http://www.tv3.ie/shows.php?request=tonightwithvincentbrowne&tv3_preview=&video=40525

Stocks: Beware ‘Hope’Quarter-End Window Dressing

By Eric Parnell

The resilience of stocks has been amazing these last several weeks. On four
separate occasions since the beginning of August, stocks have made a run at
breaking below 1120 on the S&P 500. And each time stocks find the resolve to
bounce sharply higher. But time and hope may be running out for investment
markets. And if real actions are not carried out soon, stocks may find
themselves increasingly hard pressed to hold their ground. And the effects of
quarter end window dressing promises to only add to the uncertainty.



Oppression in Bahrain continues and the world looks the other way!

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