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flight of private sector deposits from Irish banks in July 2011

By Namawinelake

You really have to hand it to institutions in this country. Last week RTE unmasked what it claimed was a Garda informant – it gave his name, his age and his address. And yesterday RTE reported that a prisoner had absconded from the Mid-Western Regional hospital. Did RTE bother to reveal the prisoner’s name, description or photograph? Of course not, why would the national broadcaster want to do something as helpful as that. It reminds me of the comedy sketch where someone being interviewed who wants to have their identity protected, and should therefore have their face pixilated, ends up being presented with the face perfectly visible and identifiable and the background pixilated.

read full article from source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/no-let-up-in-flight-of-private-sector-deposits-from-irish-banks-in-july-2011/

What Recovery? Undemocratic and Corrupt, the EU Faces Dis-Union

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 – by Staff Report

Double-dip fears across the West as confidence crumbles … The Western world is at mounting risk of a double-dip recession after key measures of confidence collapsed in both the United States and Europe, with Germany the steepest one-month fall since records began in the 1970s. The IMF has slashed its growth forecast for America and Europe, according to a leaked draft of its World Economic Outlook. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Everything has been going very well, and employment and profits are picking up. So let’s not spoil a good thing, eh?

Free-Market Analysis: This article in the UK Telegraph takes a dim view of the “recovery” that the West is supposed to be enjoying. In fact, it cites a good deal of evidence to show the West’s economic situation is about to get even worse. In doing so it all but predicts the EU itself – or at least the euro – may be only weeks away from fracturing.

This is good, of course, though perhaps (unfortunately) over-optimistic. The EU is nothing but a fascist enterprise that should be broken up as soon as possible. Astonishingly, the appendages of the EU have not been audited for years because the auditing firms will not take responsibility for an institution of such corruption.

There is an inner circle in the EU that is answerable to no one expect perhaps the great banking families of Europe and America that have created this monstrosity. It is from this tiny circle of “leaders” – all of them either coming from communist or socialist backgrounds – that EU policy is created.

read full article at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/2870/What-Recovery-Undemocratic-and-Corrupt-the-EU-Faces-Dis-Union

Documentary About Monsanto pt 1


Liveline: This is what ordinary people are going through now!

The toxic Banks are squeezing the ordinary people for every
penny they can get out of them.

Listen here :The toxic Banks are squeezing the ordinary people (Part one)

This policy is been supported by the government. Michael
Noonan’s latest statement about the banks having already gotten over 5 billion
to help distressed mortgages holders are a complete cop out and an attempt to
pass the buck!

Just listen to the daily drama people have to go through
with these zombie banks .We the people own these gambling halls and we should
be dictating to them not the other way around. The same is true of our
politicians we should be telling them what we want not them telling us what
they want to do

For god sake wake up Ireland!

Judicial peacocks need to have their elaborate wings chopped !

Judicial Pay !

Looking last night at the Vincent brown talk show (hosted by Ivan Yates) I was appalled by the outrageous half-baked attempts by the  panel to keep the issue of pay for the Judicial peacocks within their own “sphere of influence” by claiming that the independence of the Judiciary would be in jeopardy. These people come across as pampas and arrogant!This is a perfect example of insiders, elite and “snout’s in the trough codgers” trying to muddy the waters. These codgers have managed to create a double wall around themselves excluding themselves from the rest of us mere common citizens .They live in a Parnell universe where they have become unaccountable and can do as they please without  fear of criticism. They cannot be fired and they have build up enormous pomp and ceremony that successfully intimates the ordinary Joe soap .These peacocks should have their elaborate wings most definitely chopped off altogether and no if or buts ! Bottom line it is perverse to try and justify the payment of over 5000 a week to these judicial peacocks who rule
over their own little kingdoms.

here is the link to the program: http://www.tv3.ie/shows.php?request=tonightwithvincentbrowne&tv3_preview=&video=39556


Gangsters at Irish Life & Permanent exploiting their own customers!

Photo by Machholz

By Finfacts Team
Irish Life & Permanent today reported a pre-tax loss of €349m for the first half of this year (H1 2011), mainly related to loan losses at its Permanent TSB banking businessIL&P is under State  control after it was provided with capital after the March bank stress results.
Irish Life, the life business, is to be sold.Speaking today, Kevin Murphy, group chief executive, said;  “there were a number of positives in the performances
of  both the bank and the life company during the period including higher sales
in the life business and a higher net interest margin in the bank.  However both
businesses were impacted by the continuing difficulties in the broader economy
including rising unemployment levels, reduced disposable income and weak
consumer confidence.”

Murphy said IL&P was making good progress on the
planned sale of Irish Life.  He said; “we are progressing discussions with  a number of interested parties and we are encouraged by the process so far.”The bank recorded a
pre-tax operating profit for the period of €376m (2010 – loss of €131m).
However the key factor in this result was the gain of €763m as a result of the
State’s recapitalsisation.  Excluding that gain, and the net loss of €23m on the
bank’s own Tier 2 debt holdings, the bank recorded an operating loss of €364m in
the first six months of the year.

Full article at source:http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1023024.shtml


These figures would be a lot worse if it were  not for the fact that the  gangsters running this bank are in fact exploiting their own customers (I am one of them) I along with approximately 80,000 other customers are in fact now forced to pay sub-prime interest rates on our outstanding mortgages (currently  5.60 % )While the ECB rate is just 1.5%.The government
is allowing this den of thieves and the rest of the Toxic Banks to exploit their own customers in this way so as to give the impression these toxic banks are sound but we all know that they are all bankrupt. According to the European Union I should be able to get a mortgage from any bank in Europe but in reality we are at the mercy of these home grown crooks and their gutless political masters.I call again on all 80,000 customers of this corrupt financial institution to boycott this bank for any other services and withdraw any extra savings. Best of all stop paying our mortgages en-mass all over the country, they can’t throw us all out of our homes or put us all in jail!

see also :http://thepressnet.com/2010/01/28/irish-life-mortgage%E2%80%99s/

Minister Burton refuses to pay rent costs

Minister Joan
Burton, Minister for Social Protection refuses to pay the rent for the Combat
Poverty Agency

Minister Burton refuses to pay rent costs, for the
Combat Poverty Agency

The Minister for the Social Protection confirmed that her department was no longer paying the costs of the premises of the Combat Poverty Agency (Dail Eireann, Debates, 12th July 2011, 406). The lease costs for its offices had been
€228,000 each year for 2008, 2009 and 2010, with €57,000 to the end of March 2011, when the department exercised, without penalty, the right to break the 21-year lease


Jesus, that’s a lot of money for rent. How many people on the Dole could that money feed? and pay their rent or mortgage? or even pay for extra hospitial beds???

But a more important question is who is the landlord getting such a lot of taxpayers’ money? I would be inclined to agree with Minister Burton.  Get a more appropriate accommodation that is not going to cost such a ridicules amount of rent! What are the wages costing by the way????

Ozymandias – by Vincent Price

Berti Ahern is still sucking the taxpayers of this country dry

I see Berti Ahern is still sucking  the taxpayers of this country dry  having
destroyed our national financial independence and made debt slaves out of all
of us this leach is still enjoying the good life . He has been paid just over
€264,000 in expenses since he stepped down in May 2008, including €7,500 on
mobile phone bills. The money is separate from his pension, which stands at
€150,000 a year. His secretarial expenses amounted to €106,838 last year and
€114,369 in 2009.He claimed €42,890 for secretarial expenses in the first six
months of this year. This compared to €24,731 for Albert Reynolds and €13,562
for John Bruton. it is now time for the new government to make an example of
this conman .strip him of all benefits he is still receiving. Let him survive
on the dole payment for the rest of his life!

Ryanair and actor Gérard Depardieu’s recent mess

Ryanair has been quick to rub Air France’s nose in actor Gérard  Depardieu’s recent mess –  its latest website sales banner suggests that now  even the passengers “pisse” on its competition.

priceless !

Ryanair is clearly grateful  to Depardieu for an  unmissable moment (Screen capture:  Le Post)

(Read more online  French News here)

Known for its brash marketing approach –  it refers to  its aircraft as flying buses and once suggested offering standing-room-only  tickets —  the aggressive Irish-based, low-cost airline was clearly flushed with  delight at reports that an apparently inebriated and overloaded Depardieu had  flooded the galley floor of a City Jet Paris-Dublin flight.

The incident occurred because, in line with flight safety regulations, staff  on the AF 5010 which was carrying 127 passengers, declined to let him use the  toilets in the minutes before takeoff. Bursting to go, Depardieu was said by one  account, to have headed into the galley with a plastic bottle, where he  proceeded to miss his target.

The Air France low-cost subsidiary made light of the matter   in this tweet even though the incident meant the plane which aborted takeoff  and returned to the terminal was delayed two hours for a mop-up.

Read more: http://french-news-online.com/wordpress/?p=6992#ixzz1WWW34VFg

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