What is truth?

By Donal Buckley

Freelance Journalist/ Writer

In the world of horse racing and betting there are high
risks and the betting odds reflect the bookies’ evaluations.

Some punters identify the value of a good jockey and back
the rider every time.

In dog racing choice of numbers is one way of betting on a

In the Euro zone economic disaster of 2011, no country, no
economist, no central banker and no politician or group of politicians have any
idea of how to deal with this disaster for the Euro.

To maintain any sanity in this madhouse of experts and
professionals it may be argued that a person should identify one “jockey” and
place trust and belief in the value of one opinion.

After “studying form” my bet is on the IMF if only because
the IMF is outside the Euro zone and hopefully above the petty squabbling of
the member nations.

A footnote:

Are the Irish Punt printing presses in good order and ready
to roll at the Central  Bank of Ireland?

Print now and then talk to the EU/ECB/IMF about
our terms

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