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By namawinelake 

This subject has been covered on the irisheconomy.ie website. This entry adds the transcript of the programme to highlight the precise words spoken by the governor. Also part 2 of “Burning the bondholders” will now be published tomorrow]
The under-rated Vincent Browne broadcast a special edition of his week-night programme on Friday night last as a memoriam to former Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan who died earlier on Friday after a 2-year battle with cancer. In the “pole” seat, that is the one nearest Vincent was Patrick Honohan, the governor of the Central Bank ofIreland. Other guests included Minister Joan Burton and journalist Fionnan Sheahan. Vincent started off gently discussing Brian Lenihan with the guests in the stall seats. And then about 17 minutes in he got to Governor Honohan. And Vincent gently probed the governor for his memories of his dealings with the-Minister Lenihan. And for about four minutes, Vincent tenderised the governor. And having covered the tittle-tattle about how nice Governor Honohan’s office was, we had the following:
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Here in Ireland we are reluctant to speak ill of the dead .and so with reluctance I say this.

Mr.Lenihan RIP, has for the last few day been canonized by his well placed pals in Irish society .Of course politicians from all sides are falling over themselves in praising this man presumably expecting to gain some brownie points .The airwaves are stuffed with praise for this man and it is becoming nauseating to say the least .I became sick last Friday when the Live line went into overdrive and one would have thought they were talking about Mahatma Gandhi or mother Theresa

Speaking of Gandhi may I take this opportunity in reminding everybody of one of his quotes?

“There is no God higher that truth” Now this been the case I am compelled to try and bring the truth back into the light of day.

Our country is the poorer because of the incompetence of Mr. Brian Lenihan. This man is responsible for the many, many years of austerity that is now been forced on to the shoulders of ordinary decent people because this man sold his country out the international bondholders, gangsters and gamblers. Mr .Lenihan chose to save his pals in the building industry and the corrupt bankers rather that stand up to them and make them responsible for their own gambling debts. Mr.Lenihan became dethatched from the ordinary people of Ireland and he became aloof and drunk with the effect of absolute power, His membership of a very select group of individuals (The Golden Circle) caused him to turn his back on the people of Ireland as he chased applause and honours from forging shores. His mind-boggling incompetence along with his former crew members has cost this nation, our independence and sovereignty and in other times he along with the other members of the previous government would have faced charges of treason and would have been shot!

Ironically he was accused of economic treason not so long ago by members of the current government and these same people are now enthusiastly  carrying out the same measures as Lenihan and his band of misfits came up with 

So I guess Lenihan wasn’t the only economic terrorist we had or have now. The central bank governor hasn’t exactly been the sharpest tool in the drawer  either!

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  1. Donal Buckley said:

    Any demise is a tragedy for that persons family and friends.
    Obviously the Irish Nation of some 4.5 million people cannot claim to be close associates of any one person.
    The post and comment on this blog are aware of the personal tragedy.
    Unfortunately the damage caused to our Country is real and ongoing for decades to come.
    How this damage was caused has not been investigated or published in full to date.
    Until the facts are known, and the facts will be published, no one person can be accused, tried or convicted.
    The media stampede to proclaim the innocence of one person due to a tragedy for a family is also not based on investigation or facts.
    This media frenzy of hypocracy is an intrusion into private grief.
    The media herd instinct continues to flow as it did for President Obama and Queen Elizabeth.
    This media herd stampede is unhealthy and unsafe as there is a threatening, silencing, of any alternative intellect which may wish to exercise the freedom of speech by expressing more than the prevailing rant.
    There is anger within the Irish population and this anger is based on facts.
    Facts of unemployment, poverty, illness, old age and health and education neglect by corrupt politicians.
    This anger cannot be halted for any one personal tragedy.
    Media reporting of this particular individual tragedy is hypocritical and a “crocodile tears” herd reaction.

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