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 The Fine Gael and Labour Party Gravy train has arrived at Dail Eireann.

By Donal Buckley

Freelance Journalist/Writer:


After a 30 year trip through the political wilderness (there were a few brief stops along the way) the 2011 Irish Government gravy train is now disembarking at Government Buildings.

Favours and kick backs have to be honoured by the sack full.

TDs are employing wives, brothers in law and nephews to work for them at the expense of all  citizen in this little country.

Ministers and junior ministers add two drivers each to this employment drive.

The Taoiseach requires four advisors at a cost of Euro 170,000 each per annum (plus perks).

There are thousands of citizens who are well qualified to advise the Taoiseach and the others in need of advice.

Mr Kenny only has to walk down the street and the dogs in the street know the solutions to many of our problems in this Ireland of the cute  w***e in 2011.

The advisors  can be found down at the dole office queuing for Euro180 or less per week.

Advisors can be employed for the average industrial wage immediately.

There are volunteers by the truck load who will offer to advise on an intern basis.

There is a Department overflowing with civil servants paid to advise the Government.

Is that a total of Euros 680,000 for four advisors per year and then the chauffeur driven limo at an annual cost of Euro 250,000.

This is borrowed money which Mr Kenny is lashing out to all his associates.

Borrowed money which we have to repay from ever reducing  resources , from private households, from carers, from the sick, the old, the weak and from our children.

The money squandered by Mr Kenny, Gilmore and co is our money, the citizens’ money and these people  in Government think they can splurge with impunity on their cronies, their families, brothers in law and nephews.

They require two drivers to get to work. Fine then let them pay for the drivers out of their own private funds.

The list is endless, it is difficult to quantify but the way in which these jobs are given out as favours or to family members is   corruption of the political system as it is meant to be.

Mr Kenny’s own rhetoric  decried this sort of cronyism and dishonesty during his election campaign.

Now that Mr Kenny is Taoiseach he regards the tax payers money as his own personal bank account to dish out to his Fine Gael cronies.

His rhetoric flowed like honey but the Government behaviour in its first 100 days in office is not sweet smelling.

Lest we forget there are over 446,000 registered unemployed , ( add 50,000 plus self employed who do not qualify but are out of work for years now) and no equal opportunity advertising of these jobs for the boys (and girls).

There must be at least 1000(conservative estimate) new jobs involved in this carve up.

Nowhere has the Government announced the creation of over 1000 vacancies in Government Buildings.

No pronouncements on equal opportunities for all citizens, especially for those on the dole queues and over qualified for each and every job in Dail Eireann.

Take an example of one unemployed secretary with a family of four, paid a pittance by the Social welfare because the other partner is earning some income.

There are 165(+) secretarial jobs now being filled in Dail Eireann at an average wage of  Euro 42000 per annum.

TDs with their bloated salaries are permitted to block the recruitment of such an unemployed person and instead give his/her own family the extra Euro 42,000.

Mr Kenny TD, Taoiseach, come out from under whatever  hideaway  you have found and please explain.

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  2. […] The Fine Gael and Labour Party Gravy train has arrived at Dail Eireann. (thepressnet.com) […]

  3. […] The Fine Gael and Labour Party Gravy train has arrived at Dail Eireann. (thepressnet.com) […]

  4. […] The Fine Gael and Labour Party Gravy train has arrived at Dail Eireann. (thepressnet.com) […]

  5. Liam O'Mahony said:

    But if you replace a corrupt centre-right party with an even more corrupt extreme right wing party what do you expect? It is perhaps time that the electorate set up a watchdog committee to hound the elected TD. Personally, I believe that the ordinary citizens will never stop this corruption until they build a from-the-ground-up local democratic structure at estate / village level …all the way through district, area, region etc. Accountability is what is needed. There is no real accountability in representative democracy especially when the electorate are eejits that fall for false promises every time and are fearful of socialism (which is about people) and trust capitalism (which despises people). I despair at the prospect of the Irish voters every getting the hang of these simple truths.

  6. Bring Back Haughey, Ahearne, Cowen and the rest of the gang.
    We expected less but these present snouts in the troughs promised reform promised dignity in old age for pensioners ( now they plan to kill off even more than last year by reducing fuel allowances)
    more people are dying on hospital trolleys more children wait for surgery and social welfare is reduced.
    This is Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore et al , the new gang sloshing about in the trough of borrowed money.
    Unfortunately there is only enough borrowed money for the Cabinet and their cronies and the country cannot borrow enough for everyone.
    Let the sick die, let the old freeze to death in their thousands just ensure that Kenny has four advisers paid at E168,000 each per year and one adviser at least for everyone in the Cabinet.
    Where are the Cabinet to-day? August 15 th ?

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