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Stock update

 Citi, came out today with their results and I was not surprised ,I expected that the stock might go down a few points but its seem to be holding ,with the Dow down 230 points and Citi up 2points I would expect it to slowly head higher from here to about 6$ mark.

BAC Bank of Americais a different story, I am still bullish on this stock but I expect it to test the 11$ level and on a successful test I would hope to see it advance from there again up to resistance around 15$ mark(Note the 14 MDA braking down below the 200MDA) I took our insurance tree weeks ago the 14$ June put at a cost of 1 $ and I expect this to give me protection to the down side. Still I think at that level it would be an excellent buy for a year out from now!     The Dow is throwing a tantrum and the Transports are just marking time despite the big down day the charts are not shouting “sell” just yet

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