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“QUEEN BARRED” » The Players Lounge

File photo dated 14/03/11 of the Players Lounge in Fairview near Dublin city centre, as landlord, John Stokes, has been ordered to remove a 40-foot banner barring Queen Elizabeth II from his premises during her State visit to the Republic of Ireland. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date date: Wednesday March 16, 2011. Judge Paul Kelly told Mr Stokes, the father of Celtic footballer Anthony Stokes, to give an undertaking to remove the sign from outside the Players Lounge in the north Dublin suburb of Fairview, and not to erect another one. See PA story IRISH Queen. Photo credit should read: Niall Carson/PA Wire

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  1. If I am in Eire the day that *** lands here I shall go to this pub to get a drink.
    Hope there is enough room to fit some 4 milllion in that pub as the government I think got this one baddly wrong .
    Although there might be dim wits in Foxrock that like to see a Royal wedding there isnt quite the same interst in watching a rich bitch parade in Dublin followed by her flock of grooms of the stool.
    (Look that one up quite entertaining who gets to wipe the proverabal royals rear ends ).
    They dont tell you that each year that *** get from every person born in Ireland her cut of the ~£3,000,000 pounds or about ~E4,000,000 Euro in the birth certificate trust fund the governments of Ireland and British common weath set up with the British crown in ~1933 .
    Estimates are the Queen get about £50,000 per Irish person born for the admistration of the funds attached to the birth certifictes social welfare trust funds of the Irish peoples . She also gets admistration fees that acrue to funds attached to the birth certifictes social welfare trust funds from the British born but then those are her subjects too dumb to not get rid of the **********
    Dont believe me look up redemption and the king George Social securty act 1933.
    Each person in the UK and Ireland is estimated over their life tim eto be worth about £3,000,000 as they all become doctors engineers workers etc.
    So as to allow the governments access to these funds ahead off time a trust is set up for each birth and that trust is attached to each birth certifiacate and it is admistered by the state of the UK and state of Ireland
    The trust funds are to be use to build roads schools houses hospital etc
    They neglet to tell us that when we become 18 we can dicte terms of our trusts and ensure that *** *** the queeen doesnt get that ~£50,000 a year from out own trust funds
    Now that fund for the Irish E4,000,000 euros buy 4,000,000 peoples is a big wad of cash which is sopposed to spent on the Irish .However each regime that gets into power in the Republic of Ireland knows about that wad of cash and never tell you but tax the bejesus out of you to convince you that there is no cash there.
    Now the new comers FG are going to allow the raiding parties from the IMF continue the FF deal to raid that honey pot wad of cash the real taeget and add insult to Injury they gonna tax you even more .
    The peice de la rssitance the head of the raiding party banlks of the IMF the Queen **** herself will get to come here and sneer at the dim wits that bend over bow down and scrape while she partakes in the major robbery of Irielands accumulated wealth through her agents in the IMF banking pirates of the world
    Meet you at the pub the sign cant be big enough to show how gullible can the dim wits be giving all thier threee million to that rich *****


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