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FF rats getting cold feet ?

Sent to us this afternoon from Citizens First group

With every day I am getting more angry at the media, hearing Brian Dobson describe Dermot Ahern as one of the most hardworking and best FF politicians is simply mind-boggling. I really blame the media as much as FF for our present situation. Last week there was an article in the Examiner, pointing out the there is still lots left for the Irish to be proud of. It was explained that during the Celtic tiger years the Irish were the proudest nation on the planet, well, I totally disagree with that. When I came here 30 years ago, I found the proudest nation on the planet. A nation who was literally untouched by the cancer ( with that I mean the selfishness, the arrogance, the nastiness that is a consequence of lifestyle based on financial values alone) that was already spreading in mainland Europe. Back then the Irish had very little, but what they had, they shared with a heart and a half. No matter, how bad things were, the Irish I met back then, had always a smile and always a welcome. And they knew how to enjoy themselves and have a laugh. And yes, they drank and smoked, so what, they did that in mainland Europe too, but behind closed doors, so nobody could see how much they actually drank and what the consequences were. In the Ireland I found back then, the pub culture here was the envy of the rest of the world, it was here where you found proud Irish men and women, who sang their songs with all their heart. That was Irish pride, and so was the national anthem in the end of a night. Yes, people needed a drink or 10 to relax, but that is just the way it is.
I think if our Irish DO-GOODERS would find a way to relax, they would not come out with so much rubbish and introduce more and more measures ordering us how to live our life.
During the Celtic Tiger years, the Irish lost their pride and it was replaced by arrogance and superiority, that stems from having money to burn. It is still present and I think the recession might take care of it. Yes, the Irish have lots to be proud of, but they have to lose the arrogance and their self importance and rediscover their values. And it is my humble opinion, that Ireland can get out of this mess with hard work and sacrifices and certainly without interference of outsiders, who are only interested in taking as much from Ireland as they can. Bloody vultures.
Keep up the good work,

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