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Senator Shane Ross

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Dear  Senator Ross,

We are a small new community based group in Wicklow town seeking to

develop a national movement.

We are looking to change the way our country is governed.

Following your various articles on your blog, we have decided to get

active ourselves. We are not affiliated with any political party. We

are looking for a new way to get done what we deem the country needs

in terms of leadership. In this regard what we have experienced to

date has been most disappointing to say the least.

Due to the total collapse of the financial system and the inability of

the political elite to come up with viable solutions we have been

forced to take action. We have come to the conclusion that we

ourselves within our own community have to take the first steps to try

and rectify the situation even if it is only at local level for the

moment. However we believe that this attempt can be a constructive

motivation for other groups around the country, hence the posting of

our open manifesto document.

 Attached please find a short description of ourselves and our

intentions. It is posted on my personal blog   “Machholz Blog”.

(www.machholz.wordpress.com) the open manifesto there is for other

groupings around the country to use if they so wish.  We hope it will

encourage them to work towards bringing real alternatives to the

existing “twiddle dumb and twiddle Dee” of contemporary Irish


 For our first public meeting we thought it would be a good idea to

invite a well known independent economist such as your good self. The

objective would be to offer you the opportunity to present your

thoughts and opinions on the subject of NAMA, the current government’s

general banking strategy, and its consequences for the country. We are

totally bewildered at the constant stream of billions that are

apparently appearing from “nowhere” to bailout failed institutions

such as Anglo Irish Bank. It seems to us that many citizens find

themselves unable to answer many questions emanating as a result of

this financial crisis. Our community would gladly welcome the

opportunity to obtain insight and understanding from a knowledge

expert such as your good self. Accordingly we respectfully hope you

will consider agreeing to address our meeting, to be scheduled at the

end of this month.

My contacts details are below.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Clarke

Wicklow Branch

Residents Movement for Political Change



Dear Thomas,


Apologies for not replying earlier. Many thanks for taking the time to contact me. I am afraid that I will be unable to attend as I am very busy at the moment, and will be spending the next few months tied up in publicity for a book. I wish you every success though.


Best wishes,


Shane Ross

Independent TCD Senator

Seanad Éireann

Dublin 2



Dear Senator Ross,

Thank you for your reply,

As I stated in my earlier e-mail to you, I have been following your exploits in the Irish political arena for some time and have bought some of your books.

I sometimes think I wish I was not as well-informed about the outright corruption that is taking place and the destruction of our Nation at the hands if Insiders and obvious economic terrorists.

It is with a heavy heart that I watch our beautiful country slip into the financial abyss because of the sheer incompetence of our so-called leaders.

Our Nation is facing these dangers and no one seems to be prepared to stand up in its defiance

This is one patriot who is prepared to do just that.

Resident’s movement for political change is a movement attempting to rouse the local community into action and hopefully, will come together with other like-minded communities around the country in defense of our community services, Our Homes, and our Country.

The Irish Nation deserves on less .


Thomas Clarke


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  1. Thanks for all the great work for the meeting today. Keep in touch. Twitter is best for me at the moment. Kind regards, Tim.

    • Hi TIM,

      Thank you for taking the time to come out on a Sunday afternoon and encourage other Moms and Dads
      In their endeavour to safe guard the future of our children and their country
      If we could only get more people to do the same we would start heading back to a brighter future for ourselves our children and Ireland
      God Bless you

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