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Public Meeting

We are holding our first public meeting  in the Grand Hotel Wicklow Town today 31.st Oct at 14.30 hrs.

We the ordinary Citizens of Ireland are bombarded with the latest government proposals to nationalize Allied Irish Bank barely 4 weeks after the European Central Bank gave it a clean bill of health.  Executive incompetence is blatant for all to see. With the establishment of the biggest fraud in Irish history (NAMA), the government’s unilateral decision to guarantee Anglo Irish Bank and other corrupt financial institutions has turned out to be a financial disaster for the citizens of Ireland.  No criminal charges have been brought against those responsible for the total collapse of the nation’s financial independence. 

 All we hear from the Government is “that we should trust them.”  We still do not know the full extent of the outstanding liabilities at Anglo. Over the weekend, we here NAMA has effectively no intention of conducting due diligence on the remaining loans they are taking from the bankrupt banks. We were told by Brian Lenihan at first, the total cost of saving Anglo would be 3,500,000,000 (3.5 Billion) Euro.

We were told 4 weeks ago that 22,500,000,000 Euro (22.5 Billion) has gone forever down this black hole. We now hear that another 10 billion is needed to plug this toxic toilet. Over this weekend we are again told that the final figure might be 50,000,000,000 Euro (50 Billion). Clearly we cannot believe a word from this Minister of Finance or the rest of the government. We, find ourselves at the mercy of international bond holders who are dictating how the country is run.

The current Government is complicit with the banks and the developers in causing the property bubble .We  the ordinary citizen, now face long-term unemployment; savage health service cuts, emigration, loss of our homes, increasing tax hikes, and constant displays of incompetence and non-accountability from our pampered TDs.

 The current Dail members enjoy living in a parallel universe where they are just clocking up time and entitlements whilst sharing in the longest lottery in Irish history.  Help us make change happen. Help us to bring real alternative to every home and business in Ireland. We invite all like minded groups around the country to look at our OPEN MANIFESTO at the blog site www.machholz.wordpress.com  under “Resident’s movement for political change let us come together in the spirit of true patriotism and help take back our country from the vested interests that have turned the State into a  financial wasteland.  

Please do come along

Resident’s movement for political change   e –mail    1machholz@gmail.com



Welcome and greeting   Thomas Clarke 14.30 Hrs  

First speaker Prof Colum Kenny (15- 20 Minutes)

Professor Colum Kenny teaches courses relating to audiovisual policy, media practice, law and general communications and serves also as chairperson of the DCU Masters in Journalism programme. He is a board member of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and of Media Desk Ireland. A barrister and former reporter/presenter with RTE, he served on the IRTC/Broadcasting Commission of Ireland from 1998 to 2003, and was a member of the Media Mergers Advisory Group that reported to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment in 2009. The author of many academic articles on cultural and media matters (listed separately at ‘Publications’ above), he is also a frequent columnist in the Sunday Independent. His nine books have included Kilmainham: The History of a Settlement Older Than Dublin (Four Courts Press) and Moments That Changed Us: Ireland After 1973 (Gill & Macmillan).

2nd Speaker   Mr. Christopher Quigley (30-minutes)

Mr. Christopher Quigley has a bachelor degree in Management, majoring in Accountancy, from D.I.T. (College of Commerce) and is a graduate of the Marketing Institute of Ireland. His specialty is financial analysis. He has a thriving business in financial and investment training. Over the past decade his investment courses have been presented in Ireland (Dublin mostly) and the USA( Tampa, Florida). In addition Mr. Quigley has written over 40 investment and financial articles. These essays have been published on the web in San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Dublin and London. Through reading these articles I have come to respect Mr. Quigley’s insight and analysis.

Questions and answers session (approx 20-30 minutes)

Conclusion approx 16.00 Hrs. Mr. Thomas Clarke (Chairperson)

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