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Social and Family Affairs
* Cuts to all social welfare payments by 5% – €850m
* Reduction and changes to child benefit – €513m
* An end to receiving two welfare payments – €100m
* An end to payments for Community Employment Schemes for those already on benefit – €100m
* Cutting benefits for dental, optical and hearing services – €92m
* Grading of jobseekers allowance by age – €70m
* Cutting the Family Support Agency – €30m
* Changing eligibility for Family Income Supplement – €20m
* Taxing household benefits package – €11.6m
Staff cuts – None
Total cut €1.8bn
Health and Children
* Reduce the size of the Department by 10% a year over the next three years – €11m
* Reduce HSE staff – €391.3m
* Revise the income guidelines for the Medical Card to the basic rate of social welfare, the jobseekers allowance – €100m
* Increase the threshold for the Drugs Payment Scheme from 4100 to €125 a month – €37m
* Those previously receiving free prescriptions must now pay €5 for each prescription – €70m
* Hold an open competition to provide services under the General Medical Services scheme – €370m
* Increase Hospital Charges – €6m

* Increase charges for private facilities in public hospitals by 20% – €50m
* Hospitals and clinicians must provide generic medicines, off-patent drugs and value-for-money treatments – €30m
* Changes to agencies and organisations in the disability and mental health area which receive State funding – €50m
* Changes to the Fair Deal scheme with the individual to contribute more to nursing home care from their own residence – €50m
* Means test for Homecare packages – €24m
Total cuts: €1.2bn
Staff cuts: 540
Education and Science
* Staff and pay cuts in primary and post primary schools – €150m
* Staff cuts at third level – €140m
* Cuts to number of special needs assistants and English language support teachers – €81m
* Increased pupil teacher ratio at primary and post primary – €80m
* Change to student support grant – €70m
* Cuts to capitation grants for primary and post primary schools – €25m
* Cuts to research and development – €27.5m
* Cuts to grants for private schools – €25m
* Merging of smaller primary schools – €25m
* Cuts to school transport – €25m
* Integration of senior travelling training – €25m
* Cuts to third level structures – €23.7m
Staff cuts 6,390
Total cut €746m
* Reduce expenditure on the Disadvantaged Area Compensatory Allowance Scheme by 30% – €66m
* Terminate the Suckler Cow Scheme – €44m
* Close REPS 4 and no rollover from REPS 2 and 3 into REPS 4 – €80m
* Reduce Teagasc staff numbers, rationalise Teagasc and Dept offices – €37m
Total cuts €305m
Staff cuts 1,140 staff
Enterprise, Trade and Employment
* Merge the regional offices and shared services of Enterprise Ireland, IDA and FÁS – €87m
* A single reduced funding stream for all science, technology and innovation activities across all departments – €53m
* Streamline all support of Irish enterprises and marketing functions in Enterprise Ireland – €10m
* Stop funding the FÁS Services to Business and Skillnets programmes – €27m
* Cuts to training allowances for the unemployed – €24.5m
Total cuts €237.7m
Staff cuts 594
Community Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs
* Cuts to Community Services Programmes – €64m
* Cuts to Gaeltacht Schemes – €20.8m
* Cuts to islands infrastructure – €20m
Staff cuts 196
Total cut €151m
Environment, Heritage and Local Government
* Cuts to local government including an end to 12 county or town councils – €100m
* Further efficiencies – €30m
Staff cuts 30
Total cut €130m
Department of Transport
* Efficiencies among CIE companies – €55m
* Cuts to road maintenance – €20m
* Cuts to regional air services – €15m
* Axing the Rural Transport Scheme – €11m
* Outsourcing of driver and vehicle testing – €10m
* Cuts to the Road Saferty Authority – €4.2m
* Merging the National Roads Authority and the Railway Procurement Agency – €3m
* Merging the National Vehicle and Driver File into the Road Safety Authority – €2m
Staff cuts 80
Total cut €127.1m
Arts, Sports and Tourism
* Cuts in allocation to tourism and marketing – €27m
* Cut in grant to Sports Council – €17.7m
* Cut allocation to Horse and Greyhound Fund – €16.4m
Staff cuts 170
Total cut €104.8m
Department of Justice
* Cuts to pay and allowances for justice sector staff – including gardai – €65m
* Cuts to the courts service – €13.5m
* Cuts in immigration staff – €10m
* Transfer disability functions of department to Department of Health – €2.6m
* Cuts to Youth Detention Centres – €2.5m
Staff cuts 540
Total cut €136.4m
Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
* Cuts to energy efficiency schemes run by Sustainable Energy Ireland – €40m
* Cuts to direct funding to TG4 – to be partially funded from licence fee – €10m
Staff cuts 106
Total cuts €65.6m
* Measures including a reduction in Defence Forces personnel by more than 500
Total cuts €53m
Staff cuts 520
* Cuts to the Office of Public Works – reducing spare capacity and rental costs – €21m
Staff cuts 660
Total cuts €82.8m
Department of Foreign Affairs
* Cuts to overseas missions – €15m
* Cuts to overseas aid – €14.8m
* Cuts to Support for Irish Emigrants – €1m
Staff cuts 65
Total cut €41.7m
Houses of the Oireachtas Commission
* Changes to some operations – €6m
* Cuts to Oireachtas Allowances and Benefits – €1.5m
Total cuts €7.8m
Staff cuts 42
National Treasury Management Agency
* Reduce staff and other administrative costs – €5.3m
* Changes at the State Claims Agency including payment schemes, legal fees and risk management services
Total cuts €5.3m
Staff cuts 40
Department of the Taoiseach
* An end to the National Economic and Social Development Organisation – except for the National Economic and Social Council – €4m
* Axing the Law Reform Commission – €2.8m
* Cuts to the cost of Census 2011 – €2.2m
Staff cuts 77
Total Cut €17.5m

Then we have headlines like these

and this

Taoiseach Brian Cowen is today defending a wage bill of more than €800,000 a year for special advisors to him.

Mr Cowen told the Dáil that six special advisors cost the taxpayer €820,000 a year, one advisor less than in 2009.

“I think that anyone who would be knowledgeable in the area of the Department of the Taoiseach would recognise that there is a need for advisors to assist in relation to all the work that has to be done across Government,” he said.

source http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/taoiseach-defends-820000-bill-for-advisors-478339.html 

Read more: http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/taoiseach-defends-820000-bill-for-advisors-478339.html#ixzz12tEFcWos

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