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The Irish Times – Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Lenihan’s paradise lost vision belies tragic truth Unable to admit putting his country in this hideous mess, Brian Lenihan has turned further and further away from reality, writes FINTAN O’TOOLE WHEN SOMEONE says a thing once, it may be a slip of the tongue. When they repeat it, it is an indication of the way their mind is working. Thus it is with a phrase that Brian Lenihan used twice last Thursday, when he was explaining why “the cheapest bank bailout in the world” has turned into a €50 billion nightmare. The glimpse it gives of what is going on at the back of his mind is truly terrifying. Early in the day, on Morning Ireland , Lenihan remarked of his plan to pump another €3.7 billion into Allied Irish Banks (bringing the total so far to €7.2 billion) that it would help restore AIB to “its former greatness”. The phrase was so breathtakingly brainless that I assumed it was just one of those cliches that sometimes invades the mind when it is on rhetorical auto-pilot. But, no. Later, on Prime Time , Lenihan announced that the entire banking system would be restored to “the greatness it once had”. Oh dear God – he really means “greatness”. Do we really have to ask what constituted the “former greatness” of AIB? Was it the collusion with a massive tax fraud on the State in the 1980s and 1990s? Was it the overcharging of customers to the tune of €66 million? Was it the sacking of the bank’s first three internal auditors – Tony Spollen, Ian Howley and Eugene McErlean – for the crime of uncovering shady practices? Was it the demented competition with Anglo Irish Bank to see who could shovel out money to ever more speculative developments in an ever more reckless manner? Read full article here http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2010/1005/1224280400401.html?via=mr
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I think this man’s medication must have been mixed up and someone has passed him something from the local head shops There is nothing more I can say about this man’s actions regarding the Banks he is living in cloud cuckoo land. either he is not getting the truth from the banks or he is just plain lying!

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