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Movement for political change  Up-date (3)

Came back after 7 hours covering Church Gate in the first half of the day and then Pebble Bay

The rain held off for much of the day but got soaked toward the last hour.

I could observe that people were about to sit down to tea, so I decided to call it a day.

For the most part is was another good day I got to speak to some folk but I think most folk were just trying to enjoy a bit of piece at the weekend away from politics and I thought I should not be the party pooper !  

There is a sense of bewilderment out there and me coming to the doors is just highlighting it all over again, a case of little choice between Tweeddale Dumb and Tweeddale Dee seems to accepted

Today it struck me that people have struggled to get a nice home and have children to look after

They are plotting for their children’s future and then we have incompetent politicians in Lenster House making decisions that directly interfere with these plans, politicians that have quite frankly lost the plot

Well after a rest, I came back to the pc to catch up on this side of the campaign; it sure is nice to get a shot in the arm like this e-mail received about 23.00hrs

“Sorry I missed you when you called today – you handed leaflet to my son.  Good on you – we need people like you”.

 Bernardine, Pebble Bay

Well Bernardine from Pebble Bay thank you for a very welcomed shot in the arm.

 Do check in every now and again for confirmation of the date for our first public meeting we are only waiting to hear from the public speakers that we have invited to address our meeting. I am hoping for the first Sunday of next month but it might be later as they might have previous arrangements .I will in the meantime be using the time we have to spread the message of our own empowerment and that we do have alternatives. We will make them!

To-morrow the Rise beckons and another 90 or so homes will have to put up with me knocking on their doors.

If I can manage it I will then be off up to Seapoint, Yachtsman’s Point and seacliff on into next week.

So thanks to all I spoke to-day and sorry if I to up too much of your time and remember we are not alone there are hundreds of thousands around the country that think exactly like we do, its just finding the time to get involved and making the effort .

We do not have to accept incompetent, corrupt government any longer.

we live in a fantastic country and it has a great future

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  1. Robert Eastwood said:

    Hi Thomas,
    Good reading, good luck out there today .

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