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Electricity price hike

TDs have slated a 5 per cent increase in electricity prices due to take effect next month.

Members of the Oireachtas Committee on Economic Regulatory Affairs were particularly critical of the energy regulator for its role in sanctioning the increase in energy prices for domestic consumers.

However, the Commission for Energy Regulation, whose representatives appeared before the committee today, said the 4.9 per cent increase from October 1st was entirely due to a levy introduced by the Government to secure the country’s security of energy supply and develop the renewable energy sector. Earlier, Wicklow TD Joe Behan said the vast majority of people were appalled at the increase. “There is widespread and deeply held anger among householders and business people, who cannot understand that an organ of state can conspire to increase charges when we are living through the worst recession in living memory.”

Mr Behan said consumers were caught in a catch 22 situation; when energy prices rose, they paid more, but when energy prices fell, the PSO levy went up.

He called on the regulator to postpone the increase.

His comments came as the commission formally approved the proposal by ESB Customer Supply to keep charges at their current level. This means that that tariffs will rise by €2.73 per customer per month, the amount of the levy to be imposed from October 1st.

The levy is being introduced to cover the cost of buying electricity from less efficient peat-fuelled stations and to develop renewable and sustainable sources of electricity.


what are these concerned pampered blood suckers doing about the unemployment  Nothing !

Again we are witness to a fine example of crocodile tears from our well pampered TD, s who won’t have to pay these increases from their own pockets as we the taxpayers will have to cough up that for them and note we are getting ever so close to a general election and the Boys and  Gals  are getting worried perhaps?

The “outcry” from the TD, s must be taken with a pinch of salt as everybody knows that the greens are really behind this latest stealth tax and I expect there are many more of these smash and grab taxes on the way

I call on the next government to repeal every one of the green initiatives and tax hikes since they came into government

What chance of this ever happening?

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