What is truth?

Don’t become a victim of investment fraud
With the economy the way it is, beware of get rich quick merchants
Before you hand out your money to someone to invest for you should look at this video first


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  1. Leo Armstrong said:

    Today in this country there are many who are suffering as a result of the mismanagement of our institutions with the wholehearted approval of a corrupt government yet we are behaving like lambs going to the slaughter.

    What is wrong with us?

    Twenty years ago the world celebrated the fall of Communism, a political system that controlled the citizen with an iron fist. I don’t see much difference in the political system here in Ireland where we have been conditioned by the Media and ‘Spin’ doctors.

    For some reason or other, except for people like Thomas, we are accepting the situation we are in lying down. Why are we not up in arms demanding for heads to roll. Why should these Thugs, and thats all they are, who got us into this situation continue to be in power. Why should bankers who mismanaged our hard earned money continue to hold senior positions in the banks….they should be in jail.

    Those ‘decent’ individuals in the Fianna Fail party, in the Greens and Independents who are supporting this government are all just as guilty.

    If we lived in a truly democratic society putting off byelections for over a year would not be tolerated; corruption would not be tolerated; fiddling expenses would not be tolerated; people lying in trolleys in our hospitals would not be tolerated; the present rip-off culture would not be tolerated.

    I am calling on everyone who loves this country to join me and get these Thugs out.

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