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Demonstration outside the Israeli embassy Dublin (4)

Demonstration outside the Israeli embassy Dublin (3)

Demonstration outside the Israeli embassy Dublin (2)

Protesters outside Israeli embassy in Dublin

Protesters outside Israeli embassy in Dublin

A demonstration against the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla was held outside the Israeli embassy this evening in Dublin

Apparently 16 people were killed and many more injured

This ladies husband was still missing

A disaster for Israel.

This is a disaster for Israel.

Killing is never good and there is no way you can justify this slaughter

See source http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/0531/mideast.html

“At least ten people were killed when the Israelis opened fire, although some reports put that figure as high as 19.

The Israelis maintain that their commandos were attacked when they boarded the Mavi Marmara vessel and that several of their commandos were wounded, two of them seriously”.


Israel is running amok in the mid east and the whole world must now take a stand and call upon all decent Israelis to call on their government to bring those responsible to justice.

The UN must act now

The Israeli military expansion policies must be stopped!

The Middle East must be declared a nuclear free zone

Wicklow Arts Festival

Fianna Fail opportunists in cypress

I hear some Irish TD’s are in Cyprus and are supposed to be trying to get to Gaza

Cypriot authorities have prevented, Fianna Fáil Chris Andrews and Fianna Fáil Senator Mark Daly from leaving the island join the Free Gaza flotilla.

The Cypriot authorities, refused to allow the delegation to board boats which were chartered to ferry them to the international flotilla, which is still en route to Gaza with humanitarian aid.

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