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Andrew Doyle on ESB market share of domestic household electricity supply

Andrew Doyle
(Wicklow, Fine Gael)

Question 74: To ask the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources when he expects the ESB market share of domestic household electricity supply to be below 60%; and if he will make a statement on the matter

Eamon Ryan
(Minister, Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources; Dublin South, Green Party)

The recently published decision by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) on the road map for electricity price deregulation is an important step on the path to developing a fully competitive electricity market in Ireland. This decision demonstrates that Government and regulatory policy to encourage competition is paying dividends through lower prices and greater choice for Irish homes and businesses. The outcome of the road map decision is that ESB retail tariffs for business customers will no longer be regulated by the CER. The decision paper also sets out the criteria for deregulation of tariffs in the domestic market. Among these criteria is the reduction of ESB domestic market share to below 60%.

I endorse the CER view that this is likely to happen in the not-too-distant future. This assessment is based on the continued high rate of customer switching in the domestic market. Since early 2009, when BGE and Airtricity first entered the domestic market, some 23% of domestic customers have already switched supplier. This is a testament to the sophistication of Irish energy consumers, who are also clearly interested in the new options on offer such as alternative billing arrangements and more environmentally friendly electricity supplies, as well as value for money.

In addition to monitoring market shares and switching rates, it is important to ensure that all Irish consumers can benefit from a fully competitive and deregulated electricity market. I therefore welcome the CER commitment to take full action to enhance consumer awareness and full market transparency across all parts of the domestic market. My Department is also working on delivering enhanced consumer protection and information provisions as part of the transposition of the third EU internal energy market package of legislation.

Liz Mc Manus on prescriptions charges

Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Question 202: To ask the Minister for Health and Children her plans, if any, to change the policy of charging 50 cent for each item on prescriptions in view of the hardship this is causing persons who have long-term illnesses – for example, diabetes – who might have ten different medications to take; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

Mary Harney
(Minister, Department of Health and Children; Dublin Mid West, Independent)

As announced in the Budget last December, in order to address rising costs in both the GMS and Long Term Illness schemes, and to influence to some degree demand and prescribing patterns, a 50 cent charge per prescription item is to be introduced, subject to a monthly ceiling of €10 per family. The full details of the prescription charges are being worked out and will be set out in new legislation which is required to give effect to their introduction. This new legislation will be brought forward in the current Dáil session.

I’m just a gift to the women of this world


Gordens message to the women of England  click here Gorden 

Gordon Brown has been overheard describing in an exchange he had with a female voter as a “disaster”, calling her a “bigoted woman”
This goes to show what politicians really think of us the voters

The poor things have to come out of their ivory towers and come down to earth and mingle among us the riff-raff

The tell us it’s nice to see you and five minutes later they have forgotten us

Most of them are two faced bast****

Browne is no different to the crop we have here in Ireland!

PS. I predict that Gordon has just lost the election!

See video here link: http://video.uk.msn.com/watch/video/brown-overhead-calling-voter-bigoted/2gltarqt?from=sharepermalink

Stop the carbon levy to home heating fuels

With over 300,000 households now in negative equity and at least one month behind on their mortgage payments this is a no brainer!

But expecting the FF and Green Government to think logically is probably asking too much!

Anyway it is good to see Labour’s Liz McManus on the Ball and putting a good proposal forward

If the Government do not listen I fear they will only bring the Irish public just one more step to open civil disobedience

Do the right and sensible thing don’t put more taxes (CARBON LEVY)
on to the backs of the people you have been warned!


Liz Mc Manus the CARBON LEVY


“The plan to extend the carbon levy to home heating fuels on 1st May should

be suspended until the Government has measures in place to assist low

income families meet the higher fuel costs,” said Liz McManus, Labour TD

for Wicklow.


“Poorer households are facing a double fuel whammy at the end of this week.

The fuel allowance “season” which runs from September to April each year

for over 300,000 families, is set to end this week. On May 1st, this

Saturday, the new Carbon Levy comes into force on some home heating



“For people who rely on oil for their home-heating the impact is

particularly severe. The retail price of home heating oil is due to rise by

up to 8.7% because of the carbon levy. The price of home heating oil has

already risen by 37.6% in the last year, according to the CSO. It also

comes on top of the huge expense of heating homes during one of the coldest

winters for decades.


“In his Budget speech, the Minister for Finance promised that “a vouched

fuel allowance scheme will be developed to offset the increases for low

income families dependant on such fuel.” However, it has never been

precisely clear which fuels these vouchers will apply to, when the scheme

would start, and which households would qualify.


“It is shameful that the Government plans to introduce the Carbon Levy on

home heating products without first working out how they would assist

poorer households to pay for it. There are many people who will simply not

be able to afford the extra cost of heating their home. The Government

appears to be oblivious to this fact. Whether it is by an extended fuel

allowance scheme or a new home insulation scheme, it should have been

possible to have this worked out long before the levy hit people’s pockets.


“Ireland has one of the highest rates of winter mortality in the EU, yet

the government still has no coherent strategy to tackle fuel poverty.


“I urge the government to ensure there is a real commitment to protecting

those who are already struggling to pay their fuel bills. If the

government has any regard for those on low and fixed incomes, they have no

option but to suspend the extension of the levy until compensating measures

are in place.”

Wicklow Town

Wicklow Town open for business?

The town continues to experience an Exodus of business there are now at least 8 prime shops empty.

The latest is the departure of the Butler’s Pantry, what a shame!

the town is fast becomming a unemployment black spot!

we need action on employment for the town now!



The Lunacy of NAMA

In response to David Mc Williams excellent new article

Lunacy of NAMA bailout will tip us over the edge

With all the western countries now carrying huge debts

I have to question who exactly is behind the buying all this debt?

I mean where do they get all this money?

I know that the US is printing so many Dollars that the real value of the dollar is now probably only worth less than a cent!

And the Euro, well just read the newspapers!

Total EU External Debt 18,302,319.trillion $

Total US External Debt 13,703,567.trillion $

These mountains of debt cannot be repaid and the markets will have to wake up to this fact soon or later!

There isn’t enough gold in the ground to cover these vast amounts of debt

The only thing that is keeping the financial markets stable is the use of obscure derivatives tools, but these are just promissory notes with nothing behind them, something

Like the emperor with no clothes syndrome.

Which brings us to another question and that is why is gold so cheap!

It should be somewhere around 6,000 an ounce at least.

Somewhere, sometime the market will face up to this reality and we will see the mother of all crashes then.

make no mistake the ball is already rolling!

Dermot Ahern TD

The Minister for Justice has withdrawn from his scheduled appearance at the Garda Representative Association annual conference.

Dermot Ahern was due to address gardaí in Limerick this afternoon but he refused to attend because of the tone of the speech that the President of the GRA was due to deliver.

In the speech, which was circulated but not deliviered, Michael O’Boyce criticised the Government, the Fianna Fáil party and the Minister for Justice.

Mr O’Boyce said earlier this afternoon he was not prepared to change that speech and following that decision, the Minister for Justice pulled out of the conference.

In the speech, Mr O’Boyce was to say that the Government has been corrupted by years of power and has lost touch with the reality of life on a modest salary.

The speech also outlined to the Minister that the Government was truly a Government of national sabotage whose only agenda was to protect economic traitors.

Mr Ahern said the remarks were ‘an unprecedented political intervention by a garda representative and have no place in a modern democracy’.

source http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/0427/gardai.html



This political peacock can go back to the other economic terrorists and tell them they can expect to get the same treatment everywhere else the show up

The ordinary people of this country have had enough

Mr.Ahern and his associates have brought this country to its knees and we the people will not stand for any more nonsense

Fair play to the GRA for telling the truth and saying openly what every member of the Force hears on a daily bases from their real bosses (The people)

Well done to the GRA

The party is over Boys and Girls in the Dail

Poor Mr.Bernard Durkan tells us he will not be giving back his pension (€5,483)

Listen to Bernard  click Bernard Durkan TD

But Bernard is not the only one of the Dail Poor in receipt of a nifty addition to his Dail salary

Speaking yesterday, Mr Lenihan said that it was open to anyone to make a contribution from their pension to the Minster for Finance.

“Many can reflect on the difficulty economic circumstances Ireland is in and decide to assist voluntarily,” he said.


Ruairí Quinn: €41,656

Bertie Ahern: €98,901

Richard Bruton: €13,242

Parliamentarians who have forgone ministerial pensions, (provisional 2009 figures which have yet to be audited): 

Joan Burton (Lab): €1,664

Jimmy Deenihan (FG): €1,655

Eamon Gilmore (Lab): €1,181

Michael D Higgins (Lab): €17,738

Enda Kenny (FG): €9,113

Liz McManus (Lab): €2,128

Mary O’Rourke (FF): €28,341

Pat Rabbitte (Lab): €4,255

Gay Mitchell MEP (FG): €2,837

Proinsias De Rossa MEP (Lab): €4,890

Michael Woods (FF) €33,343*

*forwent half pension entitlement

Parliamentarians and former ministers still receiving ministerial pensions (provisional 2009 figures which have yet to be audited): 

Bertie Ahern (FF): €98,901

Bernard Allen (FG): €5,485

Liam Aylward MEP (FF): €12,261

Seán Barrett (FG): €28,667

Richard Bruton (FG): €13,242

Sen Ivor Callely (FF): €6,637

Paul Connaughton (FG): €16,092

Bernard Durkan (FG): €5,483

Frank Fahey (FF): €37,205

Pat “the Cope” Gallagher MEP (FF): €23,634

Jim Higgins MEP (FG): €5,952

Sen Terry Leyden (FF): €21,761

Jim McDaid (FF): €22,487

Michael Noonan (FG): €39,944

Ruairí O’Hanlon (FF): €82,355

Jim O’Keeffe (FG): €17,770

Ned O’Keeffe (FF): €6,810

Brian O’Shea (Lab): €7,716

Ruairí Quinn (Lab): €41,656

Emmet Stagg (Lab): €7,716

Noel Treacy (FF): €24,007

Its time this Gravy train was stopped in its tracks, write to you local TD and demand that the practice of collecting pensions whilst still in receipt of a Dail salary be stopped immediately

Furthermore all pensions should not be more that the national average citizens’ pension

TD’s should not be financially better off as a result of payments from the taxpayers of this country, the people they are supposed to be serving

It’s time to get real and let these leaches know that the party is over,and they better get use to the idea!

Bailing out the Banks


An analysis of state-supported schemes for financial institutions

Thorsten Beck, Diane Coyle, Mathias Dewatripont, Xavier Freixas and Paul Seabright

The financial crisis of 2008 has seen the fall of several of the mighty US investment banks, the collapse of renowned commercial banks on both sides of the Atlantic and the exhaustion of banks’ capital all over the world. With it, standard views of banks, financial markets, their risks and their regulation had to be suspended, at a time when bank bailouts became unavoidable. This raises key policy questions on the way taxpayers’ resources should be used: What type of capital should governments inject? How should banks’ shareholders and creditors be treated? Does capital injection distort competition? Should the standard rules preventing anti-competitive behaviour be applied? How to contain future risk-taking by banks?

Full report PDF Doc Bailing_out_the_banks 

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