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This Former Finance Director and Chief Risk Officer William McAteer was arrested on Wednesday at 0630 GMT.

He is being detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act at Irishtown Garda Station in Dublin.

This comes after last week’s arrest of the bank’s former chairman Sean FitzPatrick about alleged financial irregularities.

Mr McAteer resigned as financial director at the bank in January 2009.

Chairman, Mr FitzPatrick, stepped down in December 2008 after he had concealed millions of euros in personal loans He hid the loans from shareholders by temporarily transferring them to another bank before each year-end to avoid revealing them in the accounts.


 Taoiseach’s office

Aside from the concealment of directors’ loans, other scandals to afflict the bank included a scheme to allegedly give artificial support to the bank’s share price and the recording of a huge loan from another bank as a customer deposit.

Two weeks ago, Mr FitzPatrick told the bank he could not repay 70m euros (£63m) he owes in unpaid loans.

As a result, the bank has started legal action against him in an attempt to recover the debt.

This arrest is long overdue and really is just a sham at this stage, as the corrupt boys have had ample time to hide all the bodies and with links going all the way up to the

We the public are just been screwed all over again .

Over the wires I now here that the staff of Anglo Irish Bank are going to get a pay rise.


with the dole been cut , hospitals beds being cut musical chairs at the cabinet office what else will we the public put up with before we take to the streets and take our revenge on the gangsters that are running the country as if it was their personal property
For god sake get up and take the fight for our own futures to the streets

We need to take affirmative action who’s with me??


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